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Today you will discover ideas to personalize authentic rustic hallways. Contemporary rustic homes have that vintage taste that characterizes them, but at the same time, they are dotted with unique elements. They are a mix of the old and the modern. They play with recovered items. They bet on wood, either on the walls or floors, or through furniture and accessories. The new rustic style is enriched by other trends. Grandma’s hall is not transported at the moment.

Rustic hallways ideas

Get inspired by these photographs to make authentic rustic hallways, different, unique and more than anything with a lot of personality.

Authentic rustic hallways

rustic hallways

A wood ornamental factor is the star part of this rustic hall. This unique accessory, which could well have been a headboard or a wardrobe finish, adds an original touch.

rustic hallways 2

The rustic style in its minimal version is committed to easy furniture, straight lines and, more than anything, a lot of occupation.

Original rustic hallways

We love this coat rack, it is completely original. Look how simple it is to add to your hall a country air and at the same time a lot of imagination.

rustic hallways 4

For those who do not want to give up romanticism, look at what a chic hall. The feminine touch comes through the textiles and flowers.

rustic hallways 5

And at the moment when you should not add only because your home wastes character, it bets on easy accessories. Don’t downplay those stone floors or that fantastic wooden door.

rustic hallways 6

Wood is going to be your best ally. If you get lost and have no idea which line to continue, don’t complicate yourself. A wooden wall will solve all your problems.

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We continue with an inspiring photograph of a rustic style hall where stone, wood and old elements stand out. Farm implements decorate the walls, straw hats and wellies. Common elements of the field that add the finishing touch to this classic construction.

Original rustic hallways

A wooden bench! You have room? Due to the fact that with this part you will win.

Original rustic hallways

Rustic white, for people who do not want to abandon the light and spaciousness.

Original rustic hallways

Much more ideal elements to personalize your rustic hall. Straw hats and bags, benches with rope stools, cotton and linen textiles …

Original rustic hallways

Original rustic hallways

Original rustic hallways

Less is much more. A compilation of glass carafes is all that is necessary for you to add a particular touch to rustic hallways. Do you enjoy

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Small rustic hall with color

The key to giving color and joy to this small rustic-style hall is in the front door, painted in electric blue, which contributes freshness and personality to the room.


Aged wooden sideboards (I would say we are talking about recovered pieces) are used to personalize and divide environments, in this way they are transformed into kitchen cabinets, which is the space adjacent to the entrance, while letting all the light pass through their free gaps.

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