Original garden lamps

Original garden lamps

At Ideasdehogar we talk more than once about the importance of properly lighting any room in the home, both indoor and outdoor environments.

Anyway, the light becomes a much more complement to our decoration, making clear the success or failure of our rooms. And that is why we insist so much on the relevance of selecting the much more correct lamps for each corner and also the place where we are going to put them. If you need assistance, don’t miss our recommendations today for light up the garden.

Avant-garde lamps

What are the best lamps? Where are we going to put them? What trends are triumphant in outdoor decoration? There are certain questions that you have to ask yourself before making your purchases.

If we talk about trends, you should not lose sight the globe lamps. You’ve probably seen them in various catalogs of gazettes on decoration and even on the terraces of various establishments and avant-garde food places. And it happens that balloon lamps are in trend.

Original garden lamps

Are a very complex design It is also shown in many other ways, such as pyramids or cubes. These lamps tend to be mostly nuclear white, although we also have the possibility to buy them in various other colors to offer an original and different touch to your garden.

Ethnic lamps

And for fans of ethnic decor, chinese lamps they are another highly recommended solution for lighting and personalizing. You can find them in expert decoration stores and they are free in a multitude of designs, sizes and colors.

It is obvious that the garden lamps are renewed and for the moment they are not what they were before. Well, apart from lighting each and every corner of our outdoor spaces, they also present us with avant-garde, contemporary and authentic designs. You sign up?

Original garden lamps


If you think of the usual street lamps or small garden lanterns, remember that you have many other alternatives to light and decorate your garden. To serve as an example, crafts.

With recycled products, some moment of freedom and enormous doses of imagination, you can design your own lamps for the garden, completely adapted. You sign up?

A very cheap, quick and simple craft is to put a candle in the mouth of a glass bottle. A huge initiative to make an intimate and pleasant environment in your outdoor rooms. But not the only one.

Another craft that also works really well is to personalize the garden with the usual ones christmas tree lights. Likewise, you will be able to put the lights in strategic places in your garden. A super simple, fast and entertaining concept. You sign up?

Original garden lamps

Things you have to take into consideration

There are many other lamps that will be a great tool for lighting and personalizing your garden. The most essential thing is to understand what kind of lamp you want and also where you should put it.

In this sense, keep in mind that you do not have to leave unlit spots in your garden, as it can be risky. So he tries to put well distributed lamps and also intimate so that they are not irritating.

Original garden lamps

The choices are so many that garden lighting knows no limits. From the usual and romantic candles, to some LED lights that we have the possibility to put even in the grass.

Entertaining, authentic and avant-garde lamps that you can get at any home furnishing store, from huge manufacturers and designers, to the far more achievable companies like the huge Swedish Ikea.

Your online purchases

Original garden lamps

On the Internet you will also find many specialist companies and shopping malls, where you will be able to make your purchases.

With comfort from home you will be able to make your purchases and get an immensity of design lamps for the garden. Do you recommend any? It attracts us the specialized portal in decoration, www.voga.com, where you can make your purchases without intermediaries and with total security.

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