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What do you request from your bathroom? It is found within the much more essential rooms of your home, if not the most essential. For that reason you should demand a lot from him, while today there are practical and economic proposals that will let you get the most out of it.

To be much more precise you have to talk about Leroy Merlin. The French international, thinking of her service clients, launched a sequence of tips so that you can gain peace of mind, exploit the space, save water and calm down as you have never done before in the bathroom. Isn’t that a great idea to take a look at their suggestions?


There is a host of little things that you should estimate for facilitate tasks. What is Leroy Merlin related to when talking about this? Since to save work at the time of cleaning using toilet covers against bacteria, sinks and also toilets that are suspended, screens with anti-scale regime or models with removable doors that make cleaning the environment easier.

Substituting a curtain for a screen or screen is a great idea to avoid splashes or slips in the shower and in the bathtub, while the theme of the water temperature You could have it controlled using thermostatic taps that have the ability to provide hot water instantly and maintain the temperature at all times.

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Use of space

As the floors that are sold today are not very huge, at Leroy Merlin they did everything possible to solve the lack of m2 in the bathroom. From talent and order it is feasible to exploit every square centimeter.

In order to increase the feeling of spaciousness, they advise you to bet on white and specula. All this without forgetting how essential it is to gain space in height with columns or shelves. There are furniture that adapt to any corner and move from one floor to another with simplicity in the case of moving, so you have no explanation.

Save water and money

Saving water is not only good for him environment. It is also a huge novelty for your pocket. Hence, you should pay attention to the advice they offer you, such as turning off the tap while you are lathering or brushing your teeth as an example. The bathroom nucléa three-quarters of the total water consumption of a home, a percentage that commonly equals about 108 liters per person.

The sensor taps and shower handles with function ecostop they will be your huge partners. The first ones work through infrared and the second ones let you cut the water flow by pressing a button without losing the intensity of the jet and the temperature of the water when it is turned on again.

The cistern tends to be another of the weak points when wasting water. Those of double discharge they are the most advisable, as they let us choose a partial discharge of 2 or three liters and a total discharge of 4 or six liters. Knowing that spending can be cut in half, savings at the end of the year can be around 8 euros.



You can also wear every day creating your spa. If you have enough space to have a cabin or a bathtub with water massage, don’t suppose it. The water massage will leave you feeling like new thanks to its jet system and also air injectors. They improve circulation, calm joint problems and reduce stress. What much more can you ask for?

They can be requested to have programs massage on demand, an automatic drying system for the pipes, a level sensor so that the water does not overflow, a supply of enriched oxygen, an air heater, aromatherapy, chromotherapy … A massage bathtub with water can be as complete as you wish.

The water massage cabins they have a similar performance, but they are much more similar to a shower. There are 2 types: by projection of water under pressure or massage with water with a Turkish bath. The main virtue is that they fill little space. You should only be concerned about its shape and the opening genre.

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