Nordic style bathrooms. Interesting promotions

It is not surprising that the benefits inherent in nordic style As the prevalence of light and natural materials have spread to each and every corner of the world, as well as to all the rooms of a home, from the living room to the bedrooms, passing through the kitchen, and, in special, in the bathroom; Since, if what we are talking about is adding light and natural materials to find a fresh, luminous and pure environment, what better corner to add those characteristics than the bathroom? Do youYou want a Nordic bath? So you find this information interesting that comes in addition to this with promotion included.

Nordic bathroom

And it happens that Banium, the leading online interface in the bathroom field, which we talk about in Mil Ideas, has new its website and gives us throughout this month of May, some offers in design packs to make a Nordic bathroom, at costs that deserve to be relevant.

In these offers we highlight the bulk Integral area Premium shower for € 570.

Nordic bathroom

The one that includes:

– SolidStone shower tray, in various free sizes. This shower tray is antibacterial, non-slip class 2/3, strong, and with a slate texture.

– Tempered safety glass shower enclosure, with guaranteed protection and option of assembly service and on-site assistance, on the peninsula.

– A mixer shower column with shower head and shower accessories in chrome finish.

– With the opportunity to select, in addition to this, reform and tiling.

And, as I stated before, throughout this month of May this whole group of Nordic baths for € 570. See much more data>

Another of the packs of the offers is the Shower area for € 399.

Nordic bathroom

The one that includes:

– Acrylic shower tray, non-slip, antibacterial, permanent and discreet.

– Tempered safety glass partition with guaranteed protection and option of assembly service and on-site assistance, on the peninsula.

– Faucet for shower of the firm Griferías Galindo.

In the same way, throughout the month of May, as stated, for € 399. See much more data>

The next bundle of the promotion is the Lavatory area for € 349.

Nordic bathroom

The one that includes:

– Design washbasin cabinet with 1 or 2 drawers.

– Ceramic or white Gel Coat sink countertop, which is incredibly much stronger at changes in temperature, light, acids, etc.

– Lavatory mixer tap of the Nitro compilation in chrome finish from the firm Griferías Galindo.

– Smooth speculum with minimalist design.

– Group of accessories with place, towel rack and cup holder. See much more data>

The latest package of the Banium promotion is the Healthcare Area for € 219.

Nordic bathroom

The one that includes:

– Finished toilet by Grup Gamma with lid and soft closing.

– Cherry Bath signature wall toilet brush holder.

– Roll holder without lid from Cherry Bath.

See much more data>

With these offers we have the possibility of having a Nordic bathroom much simpler than ever. But not only of toilets, furniture and showers an ornamental style is based, the true essence is in the data, in the small accessories; those complements that are the salt and pepper of any ornamental style, introducing the Nordic; like these that we now observe that we can also find in Banium.

Nordic style bathroom accessories

Wicker laundry baskets, wooden stairs such as towel racks, terracotta pots, scented candles and other accessories made of natural materials that make the bathroom take on essence, in a case like this, northern essence. See the add-ons>

What do you think of these northern baths? What is your favorite promotion? Keep in mind that it is free throughout the month of May.

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