Naturalized pools

Naturalized pools

The naturalized pools They propose a bath in totally transparent and healthy waters, which allows you to have a natural lake and with the enormous virtue of not using chemical items that become really annoying, such as chlorine. These pools are defined as natural paradises or biopools, and in addition to this they have an extensive selection of designs and sizes to be able to complement each other in any place so that aesthetically everything is much superior.

Among the much more beautiful parts is at the moment when the water starts to flow they are created small waterfalls, apart from that you can choose aquatic plants to decorate or complement a garden area, although you have to take into consideration that they are pools that depend on their environment and do not have the possibility of being installed anywhere. In addition to this, whoever is going to build it and also install it must have construction understandings, landscaping and aquatic biology, since in this way each and every one of the components will be combined and a balance of the much more permanent viable will be found.

A naturalized pool 80% is usually composed of a bathing region and the rest of a region where the biofiltration is made, the two being commonly separated by a wall. These kinds of pools need a minimum area of ​​25m2 and an average depth of 2.2m so that their purification system walk properly. In this region, bacteria convert the organic matter that leaves, pollen or small animals that reach the water have the possibility of having into healthy elements that serve as food for the plants that are dedicated to cleaning the water.

Naturalized pools have the possibility of being created by a lower price that of a usual swimming pool, although it also needs much more care, especially in spring and autumn since in summer it is enough to attend it once a week due to the good weather. It is also owed change the water with greater assiduity, which means a higher cost than with a regular pool.

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