Natural landscape in your own garden, a hundred fabulous ideas

natural landscape design garden plants

Today we are going to talk about landscape designs and updated gardening in a much longer way. We guarantee a hundred great examples of scenery natural for gardens and outdoor patios and in addition to this a series of really useful tips that will serve as a guide for your landscape designs, we hope you like them.

Natural landscape in your garden

landscaping modern gardens zen style

We will begin by entering the much more essential elements that intervene in a landscape, these are the biotic, abiotic and anthropic elements. In the biotic elements are the plants and vegetation, and in the abiotic elements are the atmospheric conditions and also the relief, the latter being a static factor that acts as a basis for the rest of the landscape elements.

Landscape design for patios and gardens

natural landscape pergola wood circles

In the end, the anthropic elements are those made by or for man. We have the possibility of classifying the landscape genre depending on which of the three elements previously named is the one that stands out; For example, a forest would be an obvious example of a biotic landscape, while an urban region would be a part of an anthropic landscape.

Garden design with swimming pool

round wicker armchairs garden landscape

Well, in order to make a beautiful and balanced landscape design we will have to take into account each and every one of the natural components, similar causes are: the geographical location, the type of relief, the quality of the substrate, the time, the water and its movement, soil, vegetation, floristic composition and architectural composition, among many others.

Ornamental fence with circles for garden

decorative circles metal wall garden

Now we are going to study what are the visual elements involved, while as we are going to be able to see, a large part of the information that we perceive about a precise landscape is through vision. We must select which are the most relevant points on which the eyes are going to focus, and according to these points we will also build the lines.

Updated landscaping and gardening

great garden moss walls plants

Every point or center of attention is pointed out and highlighted thanks to the lines since they indicate and detail the relevance of the points. In the event that the lines are multiple and extend in much more than one direction, we will be discussing planes. These planes have the possibility of being of three classes depending on their shape: curved, flat or twisted.

Japanese Zen garden design

zen style garden big rocks

We will also observe that the landscape will change depending on the changing or visual specifications. Each element that participates contributes a specific vision regarding the situation it occupies, the number, its size, its shape, its texture and its color. Once we are clear about these concepts, we will be able to move on to the composition of our natural landscape.

Ornamental elements for gardens

blue birds garden decoration

To start creating the design of our garden we will have to continue a succession of rules that will be of enormous benefit to us. At a visual level we are going to keep in mind the scale, the proportion, the unity of variety, the axes, the symmetry and the rhythm, contrast and harmony. Starting with the scale, we will affirm that there are 2 types; the human scale and the monumental.

Garden design with central element

zen style garden circles center

In the human, the size of the person is taken as a reference, while in the monumental, a part of elements of enormous extension is taken as a reference. In order to achieve harmony in the field, we must group the elements of related peculiarities, fulfilling a certain proportion. All this in a group will create the unity of the landscape.

Japanese-style design for small gardens

zen style garden backyard

When it comes to variety, it is essential that a certain order is followed to avoid the feeling of chaos. In other words, for several different elements that we have the possibility to locate in the same space, those of a similar nature must be organized. The axes of the garden are those elements that draw the lines that later we will use as a guide for the design.

Oriental garden with wooden pergolas

zen style garden wooden pergolas

Such axes do not have to be straight lines or specific lines, much more precisely those parts of the landscape that are static and also intervene in a very specific way in the global vision of the corner. Symmetry may or may not occur, but in any case it is always and at all times the symbol of calm and stability.

Japanese-style landscaping

zen-style gardens landscaping gardening

In the end we are going to think about the rhythm and contrast of the elements of the landscape. The rhythm is based on the certain reiteration of the elements creating dynamism, as if it were a movement that is repeated. The contrast has to do with the contrast of the nature of the elements such as color, texture, etc.

Zen style garden design

zen style japanese garden wall art

Knowing all these components, we are able to train using some kind of online landscape design program. These programs assist in making customized garden designs and give a final image of the landscape from multiple angles and several of them also propose practical gardening tips.

Garden pond with huge rocks

gardens natural pond pergola parasol

As we commented in previous posts, the oriental dominance in the design of modern gardens is very modern today. This style always seeks harmony and peace in the environment, transforming gardens into very conducive places for meditation. However, the civilization of Japan has specific models and rules for this genre of natural landscape designs.

Teak wood garden furniture

teak wood furniture decoration

It should be noted that in the design of Japanese gardens, stability is sworn to be achieved by removing relevance to the central elements, so much so that no region intervenes much more than another at a visual level, this causes the The viewer’s head is active and aware of the landscape at all times.

Path of stones and rectangular tiles

path stones rectangular tiles garden

We will also add as a suggestion that some data such as stone paths, teak wood interfaces and pergolas or natural ponds with rockeries are very recent elements and requested in almost all styles of landscaping designs of private gardens since they help to fill the vision macro of natural landscape.

Stone Garden Stairs

stairs garden flowers stones rose

Oriental-style landscaping and gardening

zen style garden balls plants

Garden pond with stone bridge

stone bridge river pond garden

Koi pond for Japanese gardens

koi pond oriental garden bridge

Garden pond with huge crystal ball

fountain garden crystal ball center

Symmetrical garden design with a central element

garden landscape classical style ball

Traditional garden design

classic style garden stairs stone

Symmetry in the garden landscape

design landscape gardens decoration

Modern design for small gardens

small garden modern design lawn

Landscape design for gardens with central fountain

wooden fence beige garden plants

Garden design with a stone fountain

fountain garden blue flowers wall

Central round fountain for garden design

nice garden plants central fountain

Lattice constructions to decorate gardens

wooden fence garden plants flowers

Garden design with pebble path

garden path pebbles wall stone

Garden square with plant island

patio tiles orange bench wood

Ornamental elements for patios and gardens

bench wood hedges plants flowers

two wooden flower garden benches

palm trees landscape nice garden fountain

garden pool deck chairs wood sunset

modern teak wood garden porch

entrance garden path plants palm trees

garden path square parallel tiles

square tiles bench wood wall

garden nice photo night lawn

backyard platform wood plants

backyard plants lawn plot

purple flowers backyard lawn

modern gardens design landscape plants

modern rectangular pool garden pond

vertical garden design wall bleachers

patio tiles fireplace garden fence

modern minimalist garden style fireplace

deckchairs wood plants modern garden

small garden modern design lawn

fountain stone shape bathtub garden

modern landscape design wood garden

light corner garden modern flowers

covered garden pergola huge plants

garden fence teak wood patio

stone walls small patio leveled

decorative metal balls stands cement

garden bench teak wood wall

landscaping modern landscaping leveled design

fountain garden many plants water

coffee table design garden square

pergola wood porch garden platform

red chairs garden furniture umbrella

white metal garden table chairs

wicker furniture garden decoration

dining room furniture garden decoration

pergola wood awning over furniture

white flowers pergola small garden

nice large pergola dining room furniture

large oriental style wooden pergola

pergola wood covered plants flowers

modern black wicker furniture

square cafe design garden paths

modern pergola decorative parrot

garden design path various colors

small rectangular pond lotus garden

pond garden aquatic plants various

garden design decorative balls

old bike planter plants pots

rockery garden pond plants flowers

river stones path teak wood

fountain stone garden various plants

gray teak wood house porch

fence structures trellises wood garden

garden hedges big rocks red

design landscape garden nice plants

path stones design zen gardens

small yard lawn decoration

curved paths stone garden design

path garden rectangular tiles lawn

wooden fence many yellow flowers

garden pool photo night path

red flowers white stone stairs

red tiles garden deco plants

landscape design poufs various colors

white wooden fence surrounded by plants

garden beautiful landscape flowers colors

beautiful landscapes design gardens hedges

wall garden plants vines bench

large square garden furniture fountain

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