Maisons du Monde Garden Sofas

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With the arrival of good weather, it is time to prepare that space of the house that throughout the rest of the year we have so neglected: the garden. But to enjoy the sun well you have to be comfortable. Do you dare to update the garden sofas? With the furniture so comfortable that they give in Houses of the world you surely won’t resist.

What style do you want the sofa? Do youTraditional, contemporary or vintage? If you are one of the regulars who wants to offer a modern touch to the garden, the traditional style of the Maisons du Monde garden sofas will make you fall in love. There is talk of the usual outdoor sofa with huge cushions, but much more contemporary as far as the composition is concerned, which can be made of aluminum.

They adapt to any region

Maisons du Monde outdoor sofas adapt to any kind of garden. There are corner furniture, others without arms in a much more exotic style like a braided armchair in a rounded and very elegant way that breaks with today’s vision of garden sofas, which are generally much more square.

For those who want the common metal benches or wrought iron, there are also. This compilation, which was covered with paint to give the chair a much more aged tone, invites you to have breakfast or a snack there and reminisce about the old days while you do it.

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Metal, canvas and wicker

Among the most worrying points when buying an outdoor furniture is whether the material it will withstand inclement weather. Maisons du Monde sofas are specially prepared to do just that.

Outdoor furniture often has a wicker composition to make an exotic setting in the garden. In addition to this, it is a material that resists rain quite well. With what it will last much longer in time. The composition is covered with extensive canvas cushions that contribute to offer a much more elegant touch to the material.

On the other hand, Maisons du Monde also has a compilation of metal outdoor sofas. It is another material that resists if it gets wet. In addition to this, the iron is spoken with different models that prevent it from the rain.

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