Maisons du Monde: 2016 collection of garden furniture and decoration

Houses of the World garden 2016

From the same other renowned manufacturers, Maisons du Monde has been conscientiously ready to welcome spring and summer with much more refreshing propositions. They want to celebrate the return of good weather by everything prominent inviting you to exploit every square meter of garden, terrace and balcony.

For this they put your predisposition a compilation full of special models for the season of the year that most of us look forward to much more. I mean garden dining rooms, garden tables, umbrellas, deck chairs, textiles and all kinds of accessories to decorate the outdoor locations of your home.

Garden dining rooms and benches

Enjoying a meal outdoors is considerably more enjoyable the moment you have comfortable furniture for this. Maisons du Monde sells chairs, armchairs, sofas, stools, benches, tables of all kinds, rocking chairs, armless modules, poufs, couches and armchairs, so you will be able to assemble it as you wish. On its page you will be able to search for the articles that are much more interesting to you by style, colors, materials, size and price.

Maisons du Monde garden 2016 3

Huge and small loungers

When you spend time outdoors, you often try to relax to forget the inconveniences of day to day. So have loungers be a blessing. There are of each and every one of the colors, sizes and materials that you can imagine, so it will not cost you enough to find a model that fits perfectly in your terrace or garden. In truth, if your balcony is big enough, you can even take advantage of it to sunbathe if you don’t have a gossipy neighborhood block across the street. They also sell mats, beach chairs and pouf-shaped cushions for the floor.

Summer textiles

Textiles accompany us throughout the year. If in the much colder months what we expect from them is that they help us create a pleasant atmosphere, in the much warmer months what we try is that they strengthen the feeling of joy, optimism and independence that usually prevail throughout the spring and summer. At Maisons du Monde they offer us to choose from an extensive selection of interesting rugs, awnings and cushions or with jungle prints.

Houses of the World garden 2016 2

A custom garden

The section of accessories for the garden will help you offer the final touch. They sell decoration models that have the possibility of carrying out a specific function, such as the situation of the metal lanterns, but they also sell other models that are simply used to brighten the vision, such as the situation of a white resin penguin that we has conquered. In truth, you can still integrate a sculpture that looks like a Galapagos tortoise or a garden glass with an appearance from another century. Everything will depend on what you have in mind.

The environments they offer us

In order to give us a concept of what the garden, terrace or balcony of our house can be, Maisons du Monde shows us a sequence of environments with a ruthless power of inspiration. There is nothing like seeing furniture and accessories put together with enough taste to have a very clear vision of what we have the possibility of getting to do.







To finish, say that you can request the Maisons du Monde catalog of garden furniture and decoration at any time you want through its page. Filling out a small form they will send it to you for free.

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