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For many homeowners, having a lush green lawn is a symbol of pride and in addition to this it means having a satisfying space to relax or play. However, caring for a green lawn requires a great deal of water, and depending on where you live, you probably encounter water limitations or simply low water scenarios throughout much of the year. Regardless of where you live, it is essential to study ways to preserve water as much as possible. Studying how to effectively water your lawn will help you save money and protect this precious natural resource. There are 2 academies of thought on this: the fans of intensive weekly watering, and the gardeners who think that watering every couple of days is the best way to find a thick, green lawn.

Tips for watering your lawn and saving water

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In practice, this is dependent on the age of your lawn: if it grows over multiple years and its roots are well developed, a single weekly watering is enough. However, young shoots denounce regular watering much more, especially in summer. Learn your evapotranspiration rate. Evapotranspiration (ET) measurements are the proportion of water that is required in order for plants to thrive and thrive.

Tips and tricks for watering your lawn

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The causes of evaporation and perspiration matter. It will require that the water that is lost or consumed through ET be replaced so that the plants continue to grow and prosper, and nevertheless, the ET rate will change, depending on components as well as the kind of grass in your yard, the how long it lives and the seasonal variation in rainfall.

How to have a very green lawn

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ET rates have the potential to change, even in exactly the same location, from one season of the year to another. The grass of the lawn does not require 100% substitution of ET, the survival of the grass will depend on the species of grass and its special tolerance to drought.

Easy Tips and Tricks for Lawn Watering

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Almost all types of grass have the possibility of subsisting brief periods of drought, the time that the dry period is followed by a period of restoration. Throughout the restoration, it is essential to ensure that the lawn is receiving enough water to prevent it from drying out completely.

Have a green lawn

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You have the possibility to study about the claims of your yard by studying much more about the plurality of grass planted in your garden and studying the ET rate of your area. You can locate information on these causes by searching for identification guides for the herb and the weather in your area and ET, respectively.

How to water the lawn

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If you have a rain gauge, then it will be much easier to investigate the proportion of water received by the lawn. Most gardeners advise watering with 4 millimeters of water a day, 4 liters per square meter (precisely 20 minutes with an automatic sprayer). This amount may seem high, but it is the best way to sustain a green lawn.

Watering the lawn with a hose

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For small grass plots, automatic watering is not a requirement due to the fact that the installation would be quite expensive and also inefficient.

Watering the lawn with an automatic sprinkler

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However, in huge gardens, it is very interesting to detail an automatic irrigation system since it means a truly effective procedure for saving water consumption.

Ways to water the lawn

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Watering the lawn with sprinklers

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Water huge patches of lawns with automatic sprinklers

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