Lawn in the garden: tips to keep it green

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Are you tired of seeing the grass is your neighbor always and at all times much greener than his? If so, you will not have to miss today’s article as we will list multiple really useful tips to keep the lawn always and always green and fresh. We will begin by mentioning that each and every living being, the herb requires a succession of nutrients to achieve it correctly.

Tips for lawn care

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Among them we can first highlight nitrogen, this being responsible for the percentage of chlorophyll that accumulates in the plant and consequently for the intensity of the green color; the phosphorus, generally found in the seeds, which is responsible for the training of the roots; and potassium, which influences the entire metabolism of the plant and the processes of respiration and perspiration.

Precise care for a green lawn

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We have the possibility of asking expert gardeners to obtain these elements depending on the kind of grass we have planted. Regarding irrigation, this has to be done every week throughout its development in 1.5 inches of water in general. Correct cleaning of the dead materials is also essential, for this we have the possibility of using a rake in a careful way not to tear the planted grass.

Tips for Lawn Watering

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In the end we will have to prune it periodically. This task will be carried out with dry grass, as if it is wet it could get embedded in the cutting machine and damage it, in addition to this, wet grass can be harmful. Likewise, we will have to take care not to cut the grass at a low enough height as this could weaken its roots and therefore its development.

Trim and prune the grass

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Commonly the grass has to be cut when it reaches a height of between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, but in the case of concerns always and at all times it is advisable to cut it when it has reached its maximum height level. In the case of drought, much more abundant watering is convenient but, on the contrary, high watering can cause mold and pathologies.

Lawn plot well caution

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Trim the lawn periodically

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Nice green grass

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Bypass drying out garden grass

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Green lawn with stone path

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Garden lawn maintenance

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