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This product is intended for each and every one of those people who have gardens or who intend to have a garden and want to know the subject of grass intensely. Anyway, grass is a very suitable soil genre for making a nice and interesting garden design. In addition to this, this element leaves the combination with plants, flowers, trees and with all kinds of decorations that they wish to have in these spaces. Keep reading and you will know all the information you have to understand so as not to have problems with the lawn.

Lawn and its much more essential specifications

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The truth is that in order to protect something and to be able to give them everything they need to meet their requirements, we must know the much more special specifications of the product in question. In this article we are going to focus on natural grass in order to better understand the care and care required and listed much below.

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The first thing you have to understand is that there are three main types that are rustic, sports and ornamental grass. These types depend on the seeds that are sown in the ground and have the possibility of being the Brazilian grasses, gramillon, rye grass, bermudagrass and dichonra. The main difference between the two seeds is the image and the final result of your gardens.

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However, regardless of the type of seed you use to decorate small or large gardens, a healthy lawn should have a deep green color, a fine texture and a lustrous appearance. This garden grass is distinguished by forming a dense cover on the ground that is strong to the occupations that are made on it, to health anomalies and is persistent to pruning and cutting, which means that the grass is must recover quickly.

Grass genres according to the climatic region where we live

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Another fundamental thing to make their task in the garden simpler is that they have to select the most corresponding type of grass, knowing the climatic area where they live. It would be very unsuitable to grow and cultivate a cold weather lawn in a warm region or the other way around. Now you are going to see the peculiarities of the two types.

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Firstly, cold weather grass is identified by having long, thin leaves that grow in groups. This means that development continues in a vertical line and continues through the propagation of the stems. One way to spread and make a much thicker cover is to leave the stems of the yerba ungripped after cutting them.

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Another fundamental characteristic is that this grass thrives in spring and autumn, while in summer its progress is in a dormant stage. In addition to this, being a type for cold weather, it withstands frost and the specific thing in its care is that the mowing cut has to be much more prominent.

The peculiarities of hot weather grass

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On the other hand, the hot weather grass shows us much wider and thicker leaves that develop in a creeping way. This means that the herb grows in a vine-like manner. In most cases, this type of grass gives an acceptable coverage of the area and does not bald the vision, unless there is some inconvenience in the care of it.


At the same time, being a hot-weather lawn, another of its peculiarities is that it withstands hot summers and withstand much milder winters throughout. In addition to this, the season of the year where it thrives and takes place is summer, while in autumn and winter it remains in a dormant state.

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The most peculiar thing about its care is watering and cutting the lawn. This type of grass does not need abundant watering, since it is strong during droughts and, for its part, the mowing cut is much lower than the grass in cold weather.

Preparing the land for planting and growing grass

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After having chosen the type of grass that we are going to plant in our garden, we must know the steps that we must follow to elaborate the soil properly. In many Spanish speaking areas the land is much more compact and it is required to till the soil to a depth of about 10 or 15 centimeters. The much simpler way to do this is with a motorcycle hoe, as this will also aerate the soil.

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As soon as they have removed the soil well, they have to clean it with a rake or a similar tool to remove the stones, the rest of the grass and roots and the debris. If other vegetables have been previously grown in the lot they have chosen for grass cultivation, it would be necessary to reiterate the previous development before cultivating the weed seeds.

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In addition to this, if the soil they have is not of quality they should have a kind of mulch soil of about six centimeters precisely to suggest an acceptable base for their lawn. At the same time, they have to provide the flock with an incline to benefit its drainage and then they must smooth it out with a roller. The solidity of the ground must be such that when an adult individual passes by, his feet do not sink. In the end, they should only leave small furrows for the seeds or sods.

The next steps in the installation of turf turf

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Before laying the sod, the soil must be damp, so water it without overdoing it and without forming puddles or mud. Now, they just have to lay out the sods, starting from the much more extended and straight line of the lot. It is essential that they do not leave spaces or leaks between the rolls and that after placing them they water them so that they can fix themselves on the ground.

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Fertilizers are also important in order to enjoy healthy and sparkling weed. Quite a few people try to overlook this step without stopping to meditate on the proportion of nutrients that their soil gives to the lawn. Keep in mind that natural grass is quite fussy and is very sensitive to the lack of nutrients. The best season of the year where they have to pay it is from the end of April to the beginning of June and from the end of August to the beginning of October.

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There are 2 much more steps that a lot of people skip in lawn care which are scarification and aeration. This step is essential as it removes the dry and excess grass from the soil and aerates the roots. In this way, they will achieve a better development of the grass. There are different types of tools with which you have the possibility of doing this step, you just have to choose yours.

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Finally, in order to have a healthy and gleaming lawn at home, they have to fill the period of care, aerating the roots. For this, they will need appropriate utensils with skewers that, when passing overhead, dig into the ground. There are frames and rollers to carry out this step, but they also have the possibility of opting for boots with spikes on the sole.

Regular care of weeds with broad leaves and larvae

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Various of The preceding steps can be carried out at least once a year to support your lawn. On the other hand, there are other harmful agents that will deteriorate the grass seeds and the grass in your garden, such as broadleaf grasses. We are talking about a fairly large set that has the possibility of having a yellow, white or purple bloom that must be eliminated so that they do not suck the nutrients and energy of the yerba.

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On the other hand, larvae are other agents that cause a deteriorated appearance in our lawn with various types of macules. The way to combat them are pesticide articles. However, after using these items, they have to water the common grass in order for the pesticide to infiltrate the soil.

The relevance of irrigation and the way to water the lawn

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Undoubtedly, all of you know that water is a main component for the development, advancement and survival of any plant. However, when we have a much more fanciful class, irrigation becomes a science, the unsuitable use of which has catastrophic consequences on plants.

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On the other hand, at the moment when we talk to the lawn, the correct irrigation is quite dependent on the locations in which it is located. Hence, if we speak of a much more sandstone land, they have to use larger proportions of water to irrigate the grass. On the other hand, places that are much shadier and in which there are no occasional air currents must be watered less.

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In addition to this, automatic irrigation systems are the best option to give our lawn the proportion of water it needs and in order for it to receive it, it receives the water at the most appropriate hours for that, which are in the early morning and late in the morning. late night. It is essential that you do not water your lawn during the much hotter hours of the day if you do not want your grass to deteriorate due to the appearance of burns.

Cutting and pruning the lawn, the best technique to carry it out

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The cut is among the primary tasks that do not have to be forgotten or seen as prominent. In addition to this, they should remember that the grass photosynthesizes through the leaves, so the cut must be made at a minimum height. In most cases, the grass should be about 2 inches tall from the paper, and the mowing should be done when it is about 3 inches tall. Remember that yerba alta is much stronger to pathologies and to the rest of the components that spoil it.

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However, if for some reason you were unable to trim the grass with your lawnmower and it reached a considerable height that exceeds the height it should be, do not make the mistake of cutting it down. Likewise, the herb wears out. The proper way to carry it out is to cut it a little every three days until it reaches the much more correct height.

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On the other hand, it is also not appropriate to cut the grass every time in exactly the same direction, as the grass loses its state and its solid appearance and wears out. The highlight is that they alternate the cuts vertically, horizontally and, if feasible, diagonally. Also remember that the grass has to be dry to cut it.

The most common failures at the time of fertilizing the lawn

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The most common mistakes that most people make with mulching the lawn is with the decision of the precise compost and with the subsequent development. Many people use unbalanced agents whose consequences are observed within a few days of spreading them: the herb loses its deep color, the need to cut it increases significantly and increases the risk of burns.

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Another failure is the distribution of the fertilizer in a non-suit way. It is essential that the dosage is approximately exactly the same for all locations in the batch. There are many fertilizer dispensing machines on the market that will assist you in your work and improve the image of your garden.

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And the last of the recurring failures is the irrigation procedure after the distribution of fertilizers. They have to remember that every time they fertilize the soil, they must recharge it due to the fact that in this way the fertilizers will be able to enter the field much more easily, they will avoid burns and they will take advantage of the effect of the fertilizer to the limit, if don’t go overboard with water ratios.

The consequences that our lawn can suffer from the harmful action of certain external agents

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Now, I present to you some images of small gardens with spoiled grass that you are tolerating by the action of an outside agent. The fungi in the lawn are one, they tend to be orange in color and are fixed on the leaves. The larvae are other critters that will spoil the garden and in no case do they have to forget to remove bad grass from the lawn

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