Landscaping and gardens mistake, what we should avoid.

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Planning our backyard landscape is a difficult development. Exactly the same if we decorate the interior of our home. What happens is that the elements to be taken into consideration are not the same. Although failures are frequently made in this development. Today we will observe the relationship between landscaping failure and how it can harm various design proposals for our patio. The first thing is to ensure the development of the plants.

Landscaping failure and lack of attractant

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We often have beds for planting plants or at least for the first stages of their history. The essential thing is to understand how to space these beds and exploit the space. The landscaping failure link in such a case is that by being close together they have the possibility of crowding the patio. More than anything important species that have the possibility of obstructing the passage. We must take the seasons into consideration, depending on the area we must plan the landscape.

Landscaping failure, correct instrument selection

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If our patio is colorful throughout the spring or autumn we must look for species that contain their beauty beyond these periods. It is preferable to combine a little and have a plurality of plants that bloom in spring, autumn and so on. Landscaping failure and lack of attractiveness, have the possibility of being sides of the same coin. A cracked road in poor condition can also detract from its beauty. Generally we have the possibility to say that of the whole house if we observe it in a group.

Uncomfortable furniture in forge

bug uncomfortable landscaping furniture wrought iron

So let’s take time to plan this aspect as well. Something essential, the furniture. Our patio is where we relax, so furniture that does not assist for this purpose is worth nothing. It is essential to have comfortable and functional furniture. Chairs with large seats. Armrests and huge cushions. An essential aspect is not to overload the space, or to bet on excessively abundant vegetation.

Flowering in just one season

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Ensuring a dynamic connection between the interior and exterior of the home is also essential. The entrance to the green areas must be fluid and even be feasible to have a view of the garden from inside the house. Finally, be careful with the lighting design for the hours of the night, do not overload the space with light either. Certain images for guidance in our gallery today.

Distance between the beds

bug landscaping patio design beds

Connection from the house with the outdoor areas

bug landscaping patio table outside

Vegetation overload

error landscaping loaded balance vegetation

Patio with loaded scope

overloaded pool landscaping bug

Downplaying care

bug landscaping plants bench bonfire

wood folding outdoor furniture chairs

loaded space garden house wood

loaded excess red garden lawn

house rocks staircase wood beds

color contrast plants garden colorful

care season plants white sloppy

balance decoration style house lighting

excessive colorful pond flowers overhead

excessive colorful patio flowers colorful

excessive colorful plants loaded design

flowers lights design colors combined

uncomfortable chairs birds brown wrought iron

unattractive pergola garden bench

stonemasons right idea bricks gravel

rocks patio path furniture concrete

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