Keys to illuminate the exterior of the house


Whether it is the terrace or the garden, the attic or even a mini balcony, outdoor lighting plays a fundamental role in our outdoor spaces. And that is, in this way for a matter of style and safety.

Do you need assistance to light the exterior of the house? In such a case, take good note of the keys that we propose to you in the article. We show you everything what you have to know to light exteriors, betting on aesthetics and safety.

Passage areas, stairs …

The type of lamp, the place and the lamp are three essential keys to take into consideration when lighting the exterior of our house, it does not matter if it is the garden or the terrace. In this sense, the first thing that we must illuminate in outdoor environments are the transit areas and trouble spots, as for example the stairs.

For safety reasons, these areas must be adequately lit with lamps adapted to that space and with lamps of sufficient intensity to enjoy improved visibility. In the stairs, to serve as an example, recessed spotlights have the possibility of being an acceptable option.


In the entrance roads, nothing superior than the beacons properly distributed throughout the path. And if we want to save some money, we have the possibility of having motion sensor lights. In transit areas they have the possibility of being truly practical. And with regard to the lamp, the low consumption ones are not the best decision, since certain models take some time to illuminate in their intensity, so in passageways this can be somewhat risky.

Lights to make scope

When lighting the exterior of the house, we must confirm that the lights are well distributed and conform to the demands of each area. Thus, in areas intended for relaxation, such as the outdoor living room, the dining area, sun loungers and other relaxation spaces, it is advisable to opt for warm lighting that helps us create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere. The ideal is to have few light points but really well organized and oriented to the locations where it is needed.


In this sense, it must also be remembered that outdoor spaces are free and, in contrast to the interior of the house, mobility is essential. For this reason, it is advisable to opt for multipurpose lights that adapt to every corner. Candles, lanterns, wireless lights (which are recharged by sunlight) and related models that we have the possibility of taking with us from one space to another are some good selections.

Style and material

The style of the lamps is another essential point to consider when lighting the exterior. Ideally, they should be related to the decoration and furniture of the space. And, of course, we must not lose sight of the material of the lamps. The wood it is very elegant and, with the suitable regime, it can withstand the atmospheric conditions really well.

In contrast, lamps developed with Synthetic materials like plastic and resin, apart from metallic lights, they offer a much more contemporary air and are much more resistant and durable.

Plants also need to rest


Another aspect that we must take into consideration when lighting exteriors is aesthetic light. A very recurring mistake that we usually make in outdoor spaces is lighting plants and flowers. It is good to use light to emphasize specific data from our exterior, but in the situation of plants it should not be forgotten that they require their hours of rest. So illuminate them for a few hours and at certain times.

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