Keys to decorate a natural bathroom


The bathroom is the much more intimate space of the house. A room for rest and relaxation whose decoration must be in keeping with the atmosphere. Tranquility, comfort, purity, balance, peace … To achieve this, nothing is better than trusting the natural tendencies.

Pleasant earth tones, botanical prints, natural materials and plants help us to make this pleasant atmosphere. Do you like to offer yourself a bath and forget about each and every one of the concerns? At Ideasdehogar we assist you with decorate a natural and serene bathroom.

Warm earth tones

Colors are the basis of decoration. For this reason, when choosing a precise ornamental style we must bear in mind the color range. In the situation of a natural bath, inspired by nature, the ideal thing is to trust the earth colors.


Earth tones are inspired by our nature and contribute to making a warm atmosphere, pleasant and relaxed. We have the possibility of combining earth tones with white lighting to achieve a nice color contrast or opt for a bathroom completely in earth color but in different tones (from much darker copper to much lighter beige).

Natural materials

Materials are another of the much more essential keys when personalizing a natural bathroom. As is logical, it is convenient to choose natural materials that contribute to highlight that warm and natural atmosphere that we want to find in the bathroom.


And alsol marble, stone, noble wood, ceramics and ceramics are several of the various materials that triumph in the decoration of a natural bathroom. In the situation of wood, it is convenient to choose tropical wood that comes from exotic countries, as it is better resistant to humidity. We have the possibility of combining different materials to enrich the decoration of the bathroom, without sacrificing quality for this reason.

Plants and flowers

To create a natural atmosphere, plants and flowers are the perfect allies. However, which are the much more correct plants? Bamboo, orchids, begonia, ivy, the hyacinth, the conifer and the log from Brazil are certain of our proposals. The humidity and heat that accumulate in the bathroom causes this area to have an ideal time for this class of plants.


When selecting the plant we must take free space into consideration. In this way, we have the possibility of opting for a small plant placed on a shelf or shelf or a large plant and personalize a small corner of the bathroom with it.

The little accessories

When decorating a natural bathroom, we must not lose sight of complements and accessories. Those pieces that we could perfectly locate in any corner of the house also find their place in the bathroom. To serve as an example, the paintings.

Brighten up bathroom walls with paintings with botanical fundamentals. These pieces have earned a place in our decoration and are much more trendy than ever. A natural touch for a relaxed and serene bath.

If we talk about accessories, ornamental candles They shouldn’t be missing in our bathroom either. Candelas, perfumes with mikado diffuser… Each and every one of these pieces contributes to creating the natural and relaxed atmosphere that we want to find. So choose a scent that you like uniquely and that transmits freshness and comfort to achieve a decoration that conquers with the five senses.

Textiles to fill the look

Finally, we must not forget about textiles either. Essential in the bathroom. It is advised to choose natural fabrics like cotton and relaxed colors, in harmony with the decoration. For example, if earth tones prevail in the bathroom, it is best to opt for textiles in a refreshing green. In other expressions, we talk about offering the final touch with these accessories, making the natural look stronger.

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