Ikea shower curtains

A look at Ikea shower curtains. The much more beautiful and authentic shower curtains that you can find And also the much more affordable! . These are the models that we would take home with our eyes closed. If you don’t like them, don’t worry, there is much more in the store.

Ikea shower curtains

shower curtain 1 1

1-In black and white with a tap design and water drops. A design by Anna Salander that has a price of 6.99 euros: TVINGEN

shower curtain 2 1

2- White background and drawing in black and blue. This animal seems to have escaped from the field, surely it needed a shower. A design by Niina Aalto, price 6.99 euros: TYDINGEN

shower curtain 3 1

shower curtain 4 1

3 and 4- And finally 2 beautiful models. Completely ravishing. These full color shower curtains will add a cheerful note to your bathroom. Designed by Maria Vinka, price 12.99 euros: SPRINGKORN

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