Ideas to turn the bathroom at home into a spa

ideas to convert bathroom home spa

Exhausted after an endless day? You deserve a rest and that is why at Ideasdehogar we want to propose you certain keys to transform your bathroom into a temple of comfort.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy a therapeutic session in a spa center. However, we have the possibility to do something else: transform the bathroom into a makeshift spa. You sign up? Don’t miss our tricks!

Bathtubs with water massage

Transforming a bathroom into a sauna is largely dependent on our budget. If you want to make an acceptable investmentAt Ideasdehogar we advise you to have a massage bath with water. Although we also have the possibility of opting for bathtubs that give air massage with bubbles. As we mentioned before, everything is dependent on our budget and free space.

ideas to convert bathroom home spa

Another alternative is minipools in which we still have the possibility of having our spa. They are known as this way due to the fact that they are larger and deeper than bathtubs, admitting the simultaneous use of 2 people. A great alternative for indoor and outdoor environments, such as the bathroom. Everything is dependent on the options that our bathroom offers us.

Shower cabin

If our space is reduced we have the possibility of opting for a shower cabin that integrates shower tray, screen, private taps and water massage jets. Certain models even have a sauna inside and also include remarkable and therapeutic accessories. In private shopping malls you will find a great variety of models and designs that adapt to all kinds of spaces and pockets.

In order for you to get a concept, a shower column with the option of a water massage it can cost around 350 euros. At the same time, massage bathtubs with water are around 800 euros and a sauna around 5,000 euros.

However, what other alternatives do we have within our reach if we do not want to spend money on these kinds of bathtubs and showers? An attractive alternative option may be a shower column or group with a water massage. You will find them in specialist shopping malls and they have the possibility of being yours from 200 euros. Depending on your specifications, they have the ability to change slightly.

ideas to convert bathroom home spa

A basic model has the possibility of integrating classic shower handle and horizontal massage jets. But the best thing is that we have the possibility of installing it ourselves, without requiring the support of a specialist.

But apart from all these basic elements, this class of bathtubs and showers also integrate other truly practical data such as headrest, particular light, digital control panel …

Relaxing lights

Another aspect that we must take into consideration when making our small home spa is lighting. As we talk about relaxing and creating an interesting environment, at Ideasdehogar we advise you to opt for warm and yellowish lights. Indeed, there are particular and colored lights that benefit a relaxing atmosphere. Another alternative is the candles that are a very recurrent resource in spa and comfort centers.

ideas to convert bathroom home spa


Aromas are also essential when we want to create relaxing environments. From incense to scented candles or perfumes for the home with mikado diffusers. Find your fragrance! And don’t forget about the music, which is a powerful ally to make a relaxed and inviting environment.

The natural plants and flowers also help us to scent and personalize a bath that is as relaxing as it is aesthetic.

ideas to convert bathroom home spa


Gels, bath salts, essential oils and similar models also assist us to carry out the bath, an even more inviting experience. Cosmetic models and scents have considerably more characteristics and benefits for the body and head than you might imagine.

And you, what other tips do you recommend for transform the home bathroom into a small spa?

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