Ideas to decorate with daisies

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The language of flowers tells us that daisies are a symbol of innocence, of purity, of loyalty and patience, also of unity, since they are transformed into a special balance between beauty and ease. On the other hand, depending on the color, they have the possibility of representing one thing or another, since the white ones are related to friendship while if they give you yellow they are asking you if you love the one who entertains them. They are my favorite flowers and as long as I can, I place certain ones in my house; are suitable for personalize and, hence, I teach you certain ideas so that you use them in your home.


Daisies are excellent in ornamental styles with a certain country flair, as well as in Provencal décor. Also, they are widely used at weddings since that romantic air They have transformed them into flowers that are quite pleasant to dress a link, even certain brides choose them to put together their bouquet.

Daisies in the garden

Daisies can help you design a beautiful exterior decoration for your garden or terrace. It will help you to offer a very particular touch to these areas; you can combine it with other plants due to the fact that its simple design is simple to combine. And although we always and at all times think of them as a white flower, keep in mind that there are in other tones if you want to make a much more colorful decoration.

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Hanging jars

Among the outdoor ideas that I like the most is to integrate these flowers in hanging glass jars or bottles; If you have a large garden with trees, do not hesitate to tie a rope from its branches and put these containers with some daisies inside it.

Decorate weddings with daisies

As I mentioned before, daisies are a really nice alternative to decorate a wedding with airs. vintage and rural. You can use them for centerpieces, in the form of an aspect to put on the chairs or also in a metallic style vase, to serve as an example, that decorates a particular corner of the link.

In mason jars

A really nice way to detect these flowers can be in glass jars that make the occasions of jugs. If the pot is wide and much lower, place a bouquet with multiple of them and the stem not exaggeratedly long; You can decorate the jar with a rope of esparto or raffia to offer it an air vintage Really beautiful. If, on the other hand, you choose to put them in a much longer and tighter bottle, like a bottle, you can opt for put only one flower, with much larger petals and a much longer stem.

Rustic style

As forming a part of a rustic or country decoration, daisies have the possibility of being perfectly inside in this genre of spaces. You can put them in a wicker basket at the entrance of your house or on a table in your living room. It will seem that you have just come from offering a tour of the countryside bringing a part of nature to your home.

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Considerably more ideas that inspire

On ceramic, metal or glass jugs, the margaritas will look really good in almost all the rooms where you decide to place them. There are them with the flower approximately large, the stem approximately long … Many options to combine multiple of them and make a thick bouquet or select only one or 2 much larger flowers to design a simple but effective ornamental factor. In the photo gallery You will see different ways to use them so that you can visualize that corner of your house where they will be perfect. You will be able to offer a very particular touch to your entrance, your living room, garden or even in the kitchen.

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