Ideas To Decorate The Front Door For Christmas

The front door belongs to the spaces much more essential for Christmas decoration. In this portion of space we offer you the welcome to our family and also guests. We have the possibility to make a magnificent area with different ornaments that transmit to us that spirit of peace and love that this special date brings. Now we present you with different ideas and photographs to decorate this region.


Depending on the free size in this region, you can integrate several or a few ornaments to avoid saturation and obstruct the inlet and outlet fluid.

Central crown as a primary element


Among the recurring elements that are used to integrate are the cclassical crowns. Currently we can find a wide variety of designs that will harmonize your outdoor space with the interior of your home.

Christmas Rug


Likewise, a Christmas themed rug is a must, ideal for a warm welcome.



Other elements that are usually added to the front door are garlands. Here we have the possibility of add certain embellishments that complement your décor theme and colors. It is common to find Christmas balls, ribbons, pinecones, sweets, among many others, organized in a suit. They provide a dose of color near the door.

Christmas Elements That Bring Your Front Door To Life

In addition to this, if we have free space, there is the possibility of adding certain other elements to the decoration and get a bigger visual collision in the area. We observe beautiful decorations where planters with Christmas flowers, boxes wrapped in gift paper, lanterns, paintings, and other captivating accessories are added that will beautify your space.

Now we expose you certain choices:

Ribbons Hanging on the Door


For this decoration are added hanging tapes in the door area. Around the entrance we observe different rustic elements like logs of wood, a basket with pinecones and rolls of wool in apple green. In addition to this, there is a beautiful crown of this material inside. We also see wrapped boxes, a beautiful watering can and a huge Christmas tree as a central element. ORna easy board with an inspiring prayer or just a Merry Christmas is a huge welcome initiative.

Gift boxes


Beautiful gift boxes in three different sizes with lights and a grass-like lining.

Unmissable Poinsettias or Christmas Flowers

christmas decoration entrance door 7

The traditional Easter Flowers, the central boot and the red knots have the possibility of animating an area where the green stands out.

Black and White Data


In this Christmas door decoration, apart from integrating red and green, geometric data in black and white and 2 beautiful reindeer are added.



Lanterns have the possibility to add charm to your Christmas door. In this image we see 2 lanterns in different sizes with Christmas balls in multiple colors in each one.


Here we see opaque red lanterns where instead of Christmas balls, candles are added.


You can get a beautiful finish by putting 2 lanterns on both sides of the door.

Wood Frames


If you are looking to add a vintage effect to your décor, these weathered, white painted wood frames have the ability to be backed up between the side walls of the door.

Ladder with Wooden Pallets


This is another alternative option to customize the door region, it can be carried out with wooden pallets..

Customize Door Only

For all who we don’t have enough space In the entrance area, since we inhabit an apartment to serve as an example, the entrance door and other small portions of the wall have the possibility of being used to decorate them.

Door Decorated with Ribbon


If you are looking for an easy decoration, you can put a huge red ribbon on the door, which looks like a wrapped Christmas gift.

Lined Door


Another somewhat more laborious alternative than the previous one and with a greater clash is to make a part of the Santa Claus clothing lined on the door in red with white data in prominent relief and a paper strap in the center.



And finally, this white door is ideal for making a snowman.

Certain Crafts for the Christmas door


This little ornament is made up of thin branches, small birds, and holly trees.


Here a vintage wooden frame is introduced, a bouquet of holly with a red and black ribbon and in addition to this towards the other corner the word Joy (joy) in wood also with exactly the same colors and square patterns.


This beautiful snowman has a composition made of wires with lights around it. As an ornamental complement we observe accents of purple, lilac and green.


These simple pot holders have the possibility of hanging on the wall as we can see in this image. The central part is added green plants, holly, knots and Christmas bells.


You can also put a hanging ornament on the door handle. An easy craft that you can do next to the much smaller ones in the house. In this image we see three designs that are made of pacifier sticks.

Very elegant entrance door


In this portion of space, 2 garlands are added under the lanterns and a beautiful crown. The three accessories are displayed in a suit, maintaining exactly the same color tones, eminently neutral. They have knots, cones, bells, ribbons and certain small flowers inside.

Rustic Style Entrance


The rustic style is among the favorites for Christmas decoration, the colors and textures emit a lot of warmth and have the possibility of bringing a homely effect at the entrance of your home.

These were some ideas to personalize your Christmas front door. If you want to see much more Christmas designs, it may attract you: 11 Ideas to Decorate the Window for Christmas.

Images Source: Pinterest

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