Ideas for small bathrooms


You have a quarter bathroom in XS version? Do not let the lack of space be an inconvenience and write down the keys that we have chosen for you with which you will be able to exploit every last free meter.

Ideas that will inspire you to gain space and get a gazette bathroom with easy ideas that mix style and occupation. From recovering furniture to opting for open spaces.

A bathroom open to the bedroom

The choice of free spaces It is a huge resource in small homes with meters missing. 2 spaces integrated into a single room is an attractive solution that allows us to make the most of the space and, at the same time, gain peace of mind.

In the bathroom situation, the ideal is integrate it into the bedroom. If the room is large, a simple curtain with a very elegant design and developed in natural fibers allows us to define these 2 environments, without abandoning the distinction.


On the other hand, if the bathroom is small and singularly dark, a great trick to gain space and lighting is to connect it with the bedroom, perhaps with a glass door. Specialists advise us to open the bathroom to other rooms (the usual tends to be the bedroom), to let the light invade this space.

If we choose by glazed doors we will win in lighting. Although we also have the possibility of opting for a dispose a venetian blind with adjustable slats. We have the possibility of putting a kind of window that connects the bedroom with the bathroom. The blind will leave us privacy when we want it (if we close the slats), but also lighting when necessary.

A window under the bathtub


Another super practical initiative to exploit small bathrooms is to opt for a huge window under the bathtub. In this way, apart from filling the entire room with light, we will enjoy a unique spa without leaving home. The trick to enjoying privacy?

Choose some crystal or translucent glass let the light pass but camouflage it from prying eyes, now that they give an opaque and diluted vision. Another opportunity is the translucent vinyls with which we achieve a similar effect.

The most prominent furniture and colors


Who says that we should opt for the usual washbasin furniture to personalize this space? At Ideasdehogar we encourage you to exploit your mini bathroom by transforming a dresser or sideboard in a vanity unit. In this way of simple, practical and style.

Exploit furniture you own at home to offer a new job and gain occupation. And it happens that the dressers and dressers usually have multiple drawers and storage spaces that are very interesting in an XS bathroom. But, in addition to this, they put a touch of unexpected style that is much more ornamental.

Specula are essential pieces in any corner of the house. And, how could it be otherwise, they are also in the bathroom. At Ideasdehogar we advise you to go much more there and opt for a speculum in XXL version that occupies a large part of your wall. Choose a fast model, with a very thin frame or not yet framed. In this way the part will be even much faster.


When it comes to colors, the combination of white and earth tones is perfect to decorate a mini bathroom but with a lot of style. Opt for walls and ceilings of pristine white and furniture in natural wood, without varnishes or treatments of any kind. For textiles, also choose neutral colors, even if it is the white light or some earth tone such as cream or beige.

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