Ideas for decorating Nordic style bathrooms

nordic style bathroom ideas

The nordic style it is fantastic in any room where you decide to use it. Belonging to Scandinavian countries, he came to our homes to stay, if you enjoy it as much as I did. They are clean, clear spaces that give a feeling of warmth, calm, very pleasant. Of those in which you like to be. We saw how beautiful it is in children’s rooms or in lighting. But today I want to show you multiple ideas for you to decorate your bathroom with this very elegant style. You are going to see how much personality you can impress on this corner of which we sometimes forget that it also has many ornamental options …


In a Nordic bathroom you cannot miss wood. He is used to entering Light colors, for example, in the frame of the speculum or in the vanity unit. But you can use it in the same way by putting a nice style stool vintage or a modular shelf to keep your towels organized. Also in accessories or on the floor. It is warm and very pleasant.

Round specula

A concept that is excellent in a bathroom with Nordic style is to put the speculum in round format. How do you see it? I love the effect it creates, with a certain retro air, but very elegant at the same time.

round mirror

Subway tiles

In the previous photographs you have been able to see some cute subway tiles on the bathroom wall. What do you think of this initiative? Its design will help you decorate the bathroom in a very cool way, they look excellent in this room.

Combine textures

Another attractive initiative to personalize your bathroom lies in using different textures, for example, ceramics, wood, cement, cotton textiles, wicker for some baskets … Some compositions with enough charm to propose a unique interior design in this room of the house.

Interlocking styles

Exactly the same you can combine textures, you can combine styles. The Nordic, exactly because it is so simple, clear and with so much light, it combines excellently with others such as, for example, the vintage, the industrial or the shabby chic. With the Scandinavian being the main character, it will not look bad if you incorporate a different element, such as an industrial metal lamp or a chandelier much more characteristic of another style than the Nordic one …

Enter a touch of color

Now we understand that the Scandinavian style is always and at all times associated with white. But now we have seen in previous products that it is feasible to offer easy and effective touches of color to decorate rooms. In the bathroom, too. Hence, you can put some flower with vivid hues that introduces nature in your house, some towels, rugs or some accessory of the lavatory in much more powerful colors or some geometric pattern, which is excellent with this ornamental style. A black and white checkerboard floor can look amazing.

nordic bathroom color

Functional and easy furniture

Ease and occupation characterize the Nordic style. Hence, it is not necessary to recharge the stay with a lot of things, in truth the less you locate, the better. White is the main character color and contributes to making this area so pleasant, clear, clean and bright. Do not spoil it by adding a lot of furniture and accessories that prevent you from designing a unique bathroom …

Much more ideas

I leave you with the photo gallery where you will see many more ideas to decorate your bathroom with Nordic style. You will see in what way, certainly, white stands out in all these examples, and also in what way it is feasible to bring some color to the room. There is no shortage of plants and you can hang a picture or sheet. You will surely find the inspiration that is required to offer a spin to your bathroom and dress it with Scandinavian airs.

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