Ideas for choosing the best bathroom accessories


The bathroom is a room where it is feasible to play with accessories. In truth, especially if it is not an exaggeratedly large space, certain of them will give us a plus accompaniment when ordering and personalizing the space. Today we will see certain ideas that you can integrate into your bathroom and that will help you to better select the accessories. Functional and ornamental, we are talking about achieving the special combination between the two things.

A natural touch

We start with a concept that is not exactly an accessory for the bathroom, but I do like the way it looks in this room. We talk about putting a plant or flower that provides a natural and colored touch. It will also make it much more pleasant and even relaxing, depending on what we choose. Keep in mind that generally it will not have natural light and the area will be humid, so choose the one that best suits these conditions.

Ornamental shelves

I like to leave things to view in the bathroom. Not each and every one that seems messy, but rather certain strategically located. The shelves and shelves they will assist you with this. In addition to this, they will help you to better exploit the vertical space and support the room much more structured. Put whatever you want on them: boxes, baskets, rolled or folded towels, the plant we mentioned before, some candles …


Combined plugins

Another initiative is to put accessories that are combined with each other. By this I mean that you can put the towels of the same color as the soap dish and the container for the toothbrushes, to serve as an example, or a shower curtain with a foundation that is repeated in some other textile in the room. Combining the colors it tends to be the much simpler and more effective option. Or if you don’t like them to be the same, at least they do have the possibility of being complementary and storing some congruence. You can also play with the styles; If your bathroom is Nordic style you should put some wood and you can put towels and blank textiles, for example.

Wicker baskets

One of my favorite accessories for the bathroom is the wicker baskets. They give a particular air to the room, very pleasant. At the time they are ornamental and they become a practical storage system. You will be able to store your towels, toilet paper, your makeup or hair accessories in them … If you put them on high shelves remember to leave inside what you use least in your day to day life.


A wastepaper basket

It is essential to have a trash can in the bathroom and sometimes we either forget to put it on or when we do we do not pay particular attention to how it is designed. Why don’t you make it the focal point of the room? It can be a very ornamental accessory and it will always and at all times be practical …

Stairs for storage

Something akin to the initiative of the shelves may be to put a ladder in the bathroom. I show you 2 examples. The steps are wide enough to be able to put certain elements of this room on top. You can also opt for a ladder vintage which helps as a towel rack. It is going to be very serviceable and, more than anything, very ornamental.


Complements of different materials

You can select the accessories depending on the material. They commonly tend to be made of plastic, metal, or wood. The latter, as I mentioned before, is excellent for bathrooms with a certain Nordic style, although keep in mind that there will be humidity and that it will not be as strong as metal or plastic. Metallic ones are excellent in bronze, silver or copper, and plastic ones will be much cheaper and will allow you to enter different colors.

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