Ideas for a bigger and brighter bathroom

small chic bathroom

In the bathroom we always and at all times have exactly the same problem: what we have the possibility to carry out to gain meters. And it happens that the bathroom tends to be the much smallest room in the house. And consequently, space is the main drawback. Or less said, the lack of space.

At Ideasdehogar we want to guide you and that is why we have chosen the most outstanding ones for you tips for getting a much bigger bathroom. Or, at least, that visually it seems. Light colors, specula, acceptable lighting … Take note!

Go for light colors and shiny materials

Color is the basis of any decoration. A fundamental aspect that can help us to gain enlightenment. And therefore also breadth. The trick is in select light colors. So in the bathroom, white is the best viable decision. Bet on him on the ceiling, on the walls and on the floor. You can also opt for it in essential furniture, such as the sink cabinet and cabinets.

Apart from the materials, it is not convenient to lose sight of the finishes either. In this sense, glistening surfaces (like marble, glass and tiles in light tones) will give a very elegant touch of light that will not go unnoticed.

elegant white bathroom

Hence, if you think about carrying out projects in your bathroom, an acceptable decision is to opt for a glass partition. And if in addition to this it is a sliding door, you will save the meters that the door occupies when it is open. Another good initiative is to opt for a walk-in shower. Using exactly the same flooring as the rest of the bathroom will help you to unify the space even more, making the bathroom seem much larger, since you will not have the visual cut of the shower.

Don’t go overboard with the decoration and clear the surfaces

When it comes to decoration, our advice is that you do not overload your bathroom enough and also try to add the fair and essential pieces. Try to clarify the surfaces, in this way you will have the feeling that your bathroom is much larger than it seems.

For this, try to organize your things in cabinets, drawers, etc. You can always and at all times store certain things that you do not use every day in other rooms of the house. So you will have much more free space in your bathroom for essential things.

small bathroom

Garnish with specula

If there is an essential aspect to gain space in your bathroom, that is undoubtedly the speculum. As long as it is feasible for you, try to select a very large speculum. And it puts multiple points of light near it. In this way the illumination of your lamps will be reflected in the speculum, gaining amplitude.

small bathroom

Optimize the space

Another trick for an interior designer to gain meters in the bathroom is to opt for a blown up sink. Likewise, you will gain free space at the bottom to which you can offer other uses. Although you can also leave this space free and in this way gain amplitude. It is now known that the less you recharge the bathroom with elements, the much larger it will appear.

The vertical order It will also help you to improve the bathroom to the limit. Shelves, sideboards, hangers, etc. Explode the walls to the limit to order your bathroom, but without recharging. For example, the interior door of a closet explodes. Get your talent to shine and look for all those corners that have the possibility of coming in handy to improve the meters of your bathroom.

Do you have a window in your bathroom? Boost it! Use a light curtain in light tones that allows you to gain light. You can also opt for an opaque, translucent glass or even a vinyl.

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