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Today we want to invite you to personalize your garden using the fact that we are in the month of March. The much more beautiful and colorful spring flowers will give your garden life and joy, celebrate the arrival of good weather by planting spring flowers, here we are going to give you multiple easy tips for planting and growing them.

Plant flowers in the month of March

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Among the flowers that develop in spring are lilacs, daffodils, lilies, crocuses, tulips, peonies, forget-me-nots, hyacinths or snowdrops. The latter are the flowers shown in the image below and tend to be the first to bloom after winter, heralding the arrival of the long-awaited spring.

Cute snowdrops flowers

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Snowdrop (Galanthus) bulbs are grown in both cold winter zones and also mild winters, but keep in mind that they really don’t like warm winters. Therefore, if you live in the southern region, consider that its cultivation is not going to be an easy task. The Snowdrops often do not multiply from seed in a garden, but they do so from offsets as well. Offsets are new growing bulbs attached to the mother bulb. After a few years, the set of lamps can be quite thick.

Garden with snowdrops and tulips

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If you wait until the flowers fade but the leaves are still green and robust, you can easily expand your planting. You simply dig up the set, separate the lamps, and also quickly go back to cultivating in the new spaces you have set up earlier. If the rain is not enough, be sure to give the lamps plenty of water until such time as their leaves turn yellow.

Selection of flowers for garden

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If you want to understand much more information about the planting and care of spring flowers, you can continue visiting our website in the garden and terrace section, enjoy the walk and see you soon.

Cute spring flowers

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Nice decoration with spring flowers

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How to plant spring flowers

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Customize pretty gardens with flowers

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Planting spring flowers in the garden

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Great spring flowers

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