How to water plants and flowers in the garden


At first glance, there is nothing difficult about watering garden plants and flowers. But delving into the issue of the precaution of plants and flower beds, the gardener realizes that watering plants and flowers is a separate science, the most essential action, with the proper implementation of which flower beds flourish in abundance and they revel in beauty. Each culture needs a particular irrigation system, to serve as an example, abundant irrigation for one plant is a blessing, and for another, certain death. Unacceptable as excess moisture and lack of.


How to water the plants if they are in pots or in the garden soil, depending on the seasons and their type. It is not that easy and you need sensitivity and knowledge, exactly the same in the case of people. Each plant, the same as all of us, has its claims, if we must protect a large garden full of plants, there are some «rules» to understand what can help us to sustain our vegetation, knowing how to water plants and flowers of a practical and effective way.

On «how and when to water the plants» it is feasible to write a real encyclopedia, full of useful information for each class that exists, but … there is no doubt that in our article we are not going to present all the information for each class . But if we are going to talk about the rules in general.


It is a difficult task to understand everything about each plant in your garden if it is vast and full of different plants, but if it is feasible to study the best techniques, generally, to treat the plants and always guarantee convenient watering at all times.

If you read this little guide, certain questions about how to water the potted plants that adorn your home, or how to water plants and flowers in the garden, we assure you of success. Rest assured that together we will find out how and when to water the plants.


Why is it so essential to water plants and flowers properly?

A banal question, but one that allows us to highlight a fundamental term: irrigation is the most essential gesture regarding the precaution of plants (especially for plants grown in pots). Having mentioned the above, it is essential to make another technical clarification: it is impossible to follow a precise rule that allows you to intervene safely to establish the amount and continuity of irrigation.

Everything is dependent on several causes: the properties of the environment of the growing corner, the exposure, the relative season of the year, the cultivation genre (and for growing in pots, the container genre) and, first of all. The claims of plant species. So how and when to water your plants really is a lot to say, but extensive advice can always be offered, at the very least to make sure you don’t miss out on the techniques that are the basis of convenient watering.


How to understand when it is time to water the plants? Plants don’t chat!

They manage to enchant us with their colors and their particular shapes, but the one that is established with them is a discreet relationship. It is up to us to understand when our beloved friends need optimal irrigation or, on the contrary, they want to go a few days without water.

It is essential to see the plant and the stealth signals that they give us each and every day. In truth, to understand when to water the plants it will be enough not to underestimate, to serve as an example, the collapse of the vertices and the flowers, the change of color of the foliage, the limited flowering (in the situation of the species known exactly for the beauty and the considerable quantity of flowers) the wrinkles of the leaves and in this way consecutively. In short, each and every one of the little signs that plants give us to request assistance.


Another thing to do, to get the situation under control, is really stick your fingers in the ground. Assessing the humidity level of the substrate, not only in the area, but a few centimeters deep, is another very valid way to begin to understand when to water the plants and assess how to intervene.


Understanding when to water your plants is simple if you use your senses

Touch, see and smell!
With these three senses, it is feasible to remove many concerns that, as mentioned previously, fall into the question «in what way and when to water the plants»?
You don’t need to be a specialist:

Simply by touching the leaves it is feasible to have a feeling of freshness or not. When the leaves are cool to the touch, there is no problem, as it means that the plant is not completely dried out. On the contrary, it is preferable to run to offer the adequate amount of water.


It is simple to understand the relevance of the gaze and now we have advanced why. If the flowers do not look beautiful and colorful, if the leaves are tilted downward, if the plant does not have vigorous development (it is essential to see the kind that grows over time) or if there are spots on the foliage, the plant has thirst!

What does it smell like? Usually, a plant that suffers from it can give off an unpleasant fragrance. In other words, in the case of lack of water, so much so that something can cause root rot. Be careful not to exaggerate the amount of water, but do not forget to intervene, especially when the plant is exposed to full sun.


Recurring techniques for watering plants.

The way the water is managed is as essential as the quantity and continuity of irrigation. Often times, the mystery of success lies exactly in the regime of this essential aspect, which is repeatedly underestimated.

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When and in what way to water potted plants?

Any kind, by the time it is grown in containers (huge or small), needs a lot more attention to avoid inconveniences throughout its advancement. The claims are higher than at the time when exactly the same class, in the situations where it is viable, is grown in open ground.

Go back to what was said in the previous paragraph: to understand when is the moment to intervene, it will be enough to sharpen the vision, touch the plant and the ground, but also smell it. Does the plant need water? Well, it’s time to water!

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Rainwater is not enough in all cases!

In summer or during some other long dry spell, it is mandatory to water the plants grown in the garden. In such a case, it is feasible to determine an established rule: water with a certain frequency and never exaggerate with the proportion of water. Regular and controlled watering will allow the roots to develop in width and depth, avoiding risky water stress.

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When to water plants and flowers in the garden?

Throughout the summer, at the time when the temperatures are high, the alarm should sound at the time when the sun still sleeps. Watering throughout the early hours of the morning is the highlight that can be done to protect the health of the plants. It’s never going to be a burden: spending time outdoors, while the temperatures are still pleasant, is the best way to relax and enjoy a satisfying environment before beating the summer heat. If you really can’t water early in the morning, it’s okay to do it at dusk.

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