How to paint the bathtub step by step.

Replace a bathtub It is much simpler than it seems and quite inexpensive, at least, much more than if it were moving it for an exclusive. We talk about color the bathtub with ceramic glaze. It is a polyurethane paint, with a ceramic finish, free in various colors, that we have the possibility of getting at any paint store or DIY center.


Precise materials for coloring the bathtub:

-Ceramic enamel (the color we want).

-Primer for ceramic enamel.

-Polyurethane solvent.

-Masking tape, paper and plastic, to avoid dirtying anything.

-Small zero pore or foam brush and roller.

-Medium grain sponge file.

These named materials are sold in any paint store, and although the names sound somewhat professional, they are the most common. Simply, ask the partner what you intend to carry out and he himself will give them all these materials.

How to color the bathtub point by point:

First step: Make the bathtub.

We clean the entire bathtub with disinfectants, dry it and then with a medium-grit file, we sand the entire bathtub to eliminate any light that it has. It will have to be matt, without gloss, so that the primer that we are going to use, grips and anchors as well as possible.Once we have the bathtub ready we will begin to offer the primer.

Second step: Prime the bathtub.

The primer must be mixed with its catalyst. And part of catalyst is mixed for every 4 of primer. For example, if we require 4 kilograms of primer, we will mix it with 1 kilogram of catalyst. The catalyst is essential in order for the primer to dry and harden.

We move it well until its impeccable homogenization, and if the primer is dense, we dilute it with the polyurethane solvent.

Once the primer is ready, with the small zero-pore or foam roller, we spread the primer over the entire area, leaving it as suit as possible until we fully contemplate the entire bathtub. We let the primer dry for 24 hours and then we will gently sand the bathtub again to eliminate any small deficiencies that may have remained from the primer. Once sanded, we clean it again, since when sanding it, dust will have come out.

Third step: Color the bathtub.

At this time we take the polyurethane enamel with a ceramic appearance and combine it with its catalyst, in such a case the proportion is equal, 1 × 4, that is, for every 4 parts of paint, we will throw 1 part of catalyst, we combine well and if the paint is dense we will throw solvent, also polyurethane.

Once the paint is ready, we take the small zero-pore roller, and apply the paint spreading it throughout the bathtub, without leaving any manufacturers to pass the roller, and let it dry for 24 hours. If the bathtub was completely covered with the first coat, great, if not, we are going to give it another coat of paint. Usually with 2 coats of paint it should serve for its final finish.

We let dry another 24 hours and now we count the restored and painted bathtub.

Essential: The moment we mix the paint or primer with its relevant catalyst, that paint has to be used up, since the catalyst will make it dry in a few hours. So every time we do paint, we will not mix the whole pot, only what is necessary to offer you a coat, because if we combine the entire pot and let the coat we gave the bath dry 24 hours, at the time we have gone to Offering him the second coat, since it is mixed with the catalyst, it will have irretrievably dried up and we will have to obtain much more. For this reason, only combine what you are going to spend.

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