How to paint bathroom tiles with a sponge.

If you have run out of the tiles you have in your bathroom and want to move them but you don’t like to get into projects at home or you don’t have enough budget, you can color the tiles with a sponge, creating a very interesting effect. We will see how to color the bathroom tiles step by step with a sponge.


Choose the color that you like the most, in such a case, the chosen color has been colored, a tile primer and a regular sponge.

Wallpaper the entire bathroom first, as tile paint and primer tend to be enamel and are quite difficult to remove. So, once the bathroom is wallpaper, we apply the primer. The primer tends to be white by default. We let it dry for 8 hours.

At this time comes the time to color. We make the paint (in such a colored case) and the sponge. To apply it you can do it in multiple ways, in a case like this it has been applied in circles, dipping a tip of the sponge in the paint and applying it to the wall making small circles. You have to take particular care not to tighten the sponge enough, just enough so that there are no drips, because then it is very ugly. Before you put the sponge on the wall, wring it out a bit in the paint container.


If our decision was to color the tiles by making circles, we are going to do it irregularly until the moment when the entire area is covered. Once the paint is given, we let it dry to see the expected effect.

In such a case, the paint was red and the primer white, hence it looks like this. It is completely red but it can be seen that underneath, the background, is white white.

If we want another finish, we could offer the primer first. And then we have the possibility of coloring in one color, for example, light gray. We paint the entire wall with a roller, so that it remains a suit. We let it dry for 8 hours, and then we painted with a sponge making circles of another color to use a black example.

That is now dependent on the taste of each of them. What I want to say is that you can combine the colors you want. The limit is your taste in relation to colors. Also note that if the bathroom is small, do not color with a very dark color, so as not to make it visually much smaller.

Here we chat about color bathroom tiles, but this technique is applicable, of course, to any part of the house where there are tiles.

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