How to make your living room look bigger, in one day

I assure you that by doing these tips that we are going to see at the same time you will find that your living room seems much larger, of course, visually. If you find it interesting, continue with me as we begin with this list of steps and tips to make a room look much larger. We begin.

Cleaning the living room

A neat living room to make it look bigger

During the months and years, we add practically without realizing much more things to the room.

A new cushion, many books on the furniture, a beautiful vase that you have been given, some much more photography … And in this way we are adding and recharging all the space.

So, just as if it were a closet that you want to organize, the first thing you have to do is purge.

Remove everything that you consider to be in excess, empty the television cabinet a bit, so that it does not look overloaded, do not saturate the sofa with cushions. The coffee table and the dining room table that do not have various decorations on top, and so on.

Likewise, in a few hours, you will make your living room breathe and the space does not look so crowded.

It may seem like a bit of a trifle job to make the room look a lot bigger, but the moment you do it, leave the room, go get it, have a beer, or offer a tour. The moment you re-enter, you will realize the enormous collision that the purging task that you finished carrying out had.

I’m not saying that you get to minimalism, but rather you wish, but it is from your feet on the ground that a space that has an overload of elements looks and is visually much heavier, just as a room with the right elements seems much lighter . Too much faster.

If you now have your living room in this way, and you want to continue strengthening your space, then let’s move on to the following advice:

Lighten or remove the curtains

A living room without curtains to make it look bigger

You will see, curtains are a very important ornamental element, but in addition to their aesthetic use, they fulfill a fundamental function: they regulate the proportion of light that enters the space.

For this reason, this advice is not a rigorous rule but a malleable suggestion that you have to mold to your living room.

The curtains have a huge visual weight, and much more if they are ornamented with huge patterns and opaque.

If you remove them, you will see that your living room takes on depth and the space is much larger. The visual difference is dazzling.

I tell you the same as before. Pull down the curtains and take a walk. The moment you re-enter your salon, you will see what a big difference.

If you cannot or do not want to remove the curtains, because as I said before, you need them to have privacy and to regulate the natural light that enters, then go for much lighter ones.

Even if you want to go much more there, remove the curtains and place a blind, as we observed in the room above these lines, which is a considerably finer factor aesthetically commenting and you are also going to see that your room seems much larger.

Naturally, if you remove the curtains, you will also appreciate that your living room is much brighter, but that is another topic, that if you find it interesting, you can read in the article I wrote recently where I tell you how to make a living room much more light.

Let’s look at another tip to make the living room look much bigger:

Display or expose the entire viable perimeter of the room

A living room with the furniture in the center to leave the perimeter visible and make it appear larger
A room with the furniture in the center to leave the perimeter apparent and make it appear much larger

In the same way as the previous advice in certain cases it is impossible or not to use completely in several homes, I understand that this advice may not be possible for everyone on the planet.

But it is so efficient, and it takes so little time, that I must put it yes or yes on this list.

So it’s a proven fact: The much cleaner perimeter your living room looks, the bigger it will appear.

That is, the larger the wall and skirting area is free, the much larger your living room will appear.

The feeling that a living room, or some other space is small or cluttered, comes largely from the fact that the eye cannot see the perimeter, in general due to the fact that it is full of furniture.

So lighten your living room as much as possible, transport the furniture to the center if you can, leaving the walls as free as possible. If you can’t, divide the furniture about 2 inches from the walls so that the space doesn’t seem too cluttered.

Trust me, it’s going really well. If the eye can feel the perimeter of a location, it will appear much more extensive.

Let’s continue:

Hide the cables

Hide the cables to make the living room bigger

This step or trick works really well, since the cables, which we frequently count several and several of them in view, form a visual chaos that causes our living room to seem much more crowded and disorderly.

In this way, it hides each and every one of the cables:

Here you can see how to hide the tv cables.
Here you can see 15 ideas to hide cables throughout the house.

It is a task that you can carry out in minutes probably, and the result is a much cleaner and more orderly room. Isn’t that enough of a foundation to hide each and every one of the cables?

Let’s move on to the next step:

Make your ceilings look much higher

A much more prominent room, as you can imagine, is a much larger room, much more extensive, right?

Thus, make your ceiling appear much more prominent. How?

Anyway it is quite simple. Here you can see 12 efficient and easy tricks to make ceilings look much higher.

Let’s move on to the next step:

Place specula

A mirrored living room to make it look bigger

I have left this tip or tip to make the living room much larger due to the fact that it is the only one of all that needs a factor.

As you can see, the rest of the steps to make your living room appear much larger are based on eliminating or changing what you have.

But in such a case, you are going to require a speculum. Or multiple.

If you put a speculum in front of the window, you will give the room an exclusive dimension.

A non-physical dimension, but a visual dimension, which is what we want. You are going to make the room appear much deeper, much wider, or much longer. In addition to this, plenty of light. Sounds good right?

Each and every step is efficient. Right now it is up to you what steps to take to make your living room look much larger, cleaner and “cleaner”.

If you want to continue delving into the subject, I suggest you look at this other product with 10 colors that make the spaces simulate much more enormous, just in case you dare to color your living room. Or this other product with 10 rules that you have to know in order to make your living room special.

Naturally, as I always say and at all times, if you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer you.

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