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Over the last few years there has been a very interesting inclination that concerns the gardens and exteriors and that focuses on their decoration. To the question mark how to carry out pots, the crowd found different authentic answers, some of which are based on the decoration of old flowerpots and others on the initiative to use and exploit certain elements and old materials and recycle them in this way. And the truth is that the outcomes that are achieved have a very revolutionary design. In the article I will introduce you to some much more popular ideas in decorating gardens with recycled materials.

How to make authentic flower pots with rubber shoes and boots

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The shoes are among the favorite variations of the people who take care of making this kind of decorations in their exteriors. They have the choice between rubber boots, sneakers or a pair of high-heeled shoes. The main thing is that it is something old that they do not use, even if they are worn or broken, they will give a retro or vintage image to your garden.

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Instead, they must take into consideration that if they want to fill them with soil and plant natural flowers inside, they should not neglect the drainage. They only need to make a few holes in the bottom one part of the shoe so that the water can drain off and the sole absorbs only the precise amount.

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On the other hand, these recycled pots also look really good artificial flowers that you should not worry about. The way the shoe container should only be filled with some material such as a sponge, to serve as an example, to be able to nail the flowers into it.

How to carry out flower pots with old broken flower pots

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The uniqueness and design of people with enormous imaginations came to offer employment and to carry out small, tiered gardens in broken planters. If you have certain of these types in your house, instead of throwing them away or trying to paste them, you have the possibility of making the models that you see in these images.

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What they need is a pot broken on the sides and with the pieces or with some flat stones they only have to make a few steps by nailing them into the ground. In addition to this, they also have the possibility of making terraces with the pieces. Once this is done, they only have to plant the plants they want to make small bushes. Don’t forget to add other decorations like houses and castles to fill the image of the pot.

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On the other hand, pots and wooden buckets are suitable for making rivers with flowers in your gardens. For this, these authentic pots must be lying down and the earth must contemplate only between the sides of the container. By the time they have done it, the highlight is that they plant a few small florets during the land that must escape from the bed of the bucket. If they wish they also have the possibility of opting for the colored flowers.

How to make pots with macerated logs to decorate the gardens

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At the same time, remember that wood logs are an acceptable option for garden decoration. They give a very natural touch to the exterior and blend perfectly with the grass, stones and other ornamental elements that have been used for the design of their landscape. Among the pots that I am going to show you, you have the possibility to see it in the image above. We are talking about a composition with 2 round pieces cut from a log that are joined by some wooden boards in a horizontal direction.

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On the other hand, they have the possibility of also selecting the variation of removing the center of some wooden logs, filling them with soil and planting the flowers inside. In such a case, I suggest using small logs if the flowers will be natural. On the other hand, tall and huge logs are also suitable for artificial flowers.

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The decoration of flowerpots is also possible to carry out with other wooden objects that they do not use, such as trunks, barrels, etc. They simply have to choose the region where they are going to plant the plants to cut this piece if required. In the photo above you have the possibility to see a really nice sample case of a wooden composition to decorate the garden.

How to make pots with authentic elements that we do not use

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In this chapter you have the chance to locate many more ideas about decorated pots and items transformed into pots. The initiative of the piano that you see much higher up is perfect for authentic and huge exteriors in which there is enough space not only to put the piano, but also to make a lake into which the water will fall. We speak of a closed circle in which the water circulates continuously.

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On the other hand, if they want to personalize with stones, they have the possibility to choose the variation of a much larger transparent container. In the center of this they must enter the precise portion of land and by the edges they have the possibility of carrying out a decoration with different colored stones arranged in lines. The plants must be planted in the center and if they wish they have the possibility of choosing artificial plants to carry out this ornament.

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Several of us have old chairs in their homes that they do not use, that they want to move and have no idea what to do with the old ones. Here I bring you a concept to transform your chair into a flowerpot. However, for this, the chair stool must be much more wavy so that they manage to eliminate its area and add the corresponding decorations inside.

How to carry out pots with other materials for an updated and original image

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Now, I will leave you with much more pictures of painted and decorated pots, even with pots developed with recycled materials to adorn your gardens. I encourage you to try these ornamental techniques and also give a new image to your exterior. I would like you to have liked the product and the ideas have been attractive to you.

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Do not forget that in design and decoration the only limits are in your imagination.

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