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DIY garden playground equipment is the highlight you can make for your children if you have a free weekend. We assure you that in the end everyone will be happy and very happy – you for having built something new and original and the little ones for having a space where they can play and entertain themselves always and at all times whenever they want in their yard.


In this article we are going to give you some authentic ideas of how you have the possibility of carrying out children’s games for the garden using only accessible, inexpensive and very simple to obtain materials. In addition to this, we have the possibility of assuring you that the DIY projects that we have chosen to present to you today are so simple that they can even be carried out as a family, also introducing future clients to work.


So open the doors and go outside! Time to play! Whether you have a beautiful yard or a rolling lawn, your child will love having their outdoor space. There’s a planet of excitement, experimentation, and exploration right behind your back door, so build your garden wonderland.


Children’s Garden Games – Outdoor Classroom

Every little girl loves to play to be a teacher with her brothers or dolls. Create your outdoor classroom so that your little teacher will be happy and happy throughout the summer holidays.


How to carry out the undertaking?

Step 1: Designate an area
Selecting an area where you are not disturbed by the booms and voices of the “students” is key, but there are
Shade: Having the area at least moderately covered by shade will help to hold your little ones protected and will make their games much more pleasant and durable.

Close to a water source: Depending on the occupations you hope to encourage, you can select a location close to a hose or other outdoor water source.
Visibility of the space: Selecting a space that allows you to easily see your children from a comfortable seating area is essential if you have much smaller children. And if your children are older and have the possibility of playing without dependency, you can calmly choose for a less apparent area.

make a plan

Step 2: Create a plan
This step may change depending on the size of your space and the amount of effort you want to put into the design.
Encouraging your children to help you make the plan is a great way to ensure that they will enjoy the result.
Step 3: Use the natural environment to place a large blackboard, chairs and benches for the students and all kinds of appropriate “academic materials” such as plants, stones, and so on.

children's games for garden

DIY musical wall

This is within the much more spectacular children’s garden games that have the possibility of existing. Use part of the fence to hold the instruments or build an area out of wooden boards to get it moving from one space to another.


For the instruments you can use all kinds of insignificant utensils that are in each and every home such as pans, pots, jugs and other metal and plastic pots, an old grill, bottle caps, bottles, and so on. With this game your children will learn to witness with sounds and they will realize that they depend on the material, shape and size of each instrument.

playground for garden works

No passing! Construction

Drill a log-covered gravel pit at the construction site for your little builder to enjoy a huge region of outdoor imaginative play! This small play space is sure to inspire your imagination and storytelling skills, and can also be used in conjunction with your favorite construction-themed picture books.


Little ones enjoy digging, shoveling, moving around, scaling the considerable «mountains» also known as rocks and logs, creating routes, and also going on a trip. If we add certain dolls in the game, they have the possibility of using them to dialogue and play imaginative games.
During the night, a small piece of tarp or plastic sheet, cut to size, can be placed over the top and supported with several of the bricks, to ensure that animals do not come and use it as a toilet.


Children’s games for garden – kitchen

This is another great playground for kids adventure that will challenge the imaginations of DIY-loving moms and dads. As seen in the photos, the kitchen frame can be created with pallets. Then you just need to cut out a round hole for the sink, perhaps add an oven and certain kitchen accessories that you do not need to obtain but rather look for in the basement or attic.

children's games for garden kitchen

Your children will surely fall in love with its innovative outdoor kitchen where they will be able to carry out their mud cakes, soups and herb salads, stone chops, etc.


All aboard!

There is no child on the planet who does not like to play the train, plane, bus or other means of transport. It is a game that takes out quite the imagination and can even take them to the outdoor place.

original children's games for garden

This children’s garden play venture gives you a great opportunity to reuse old plastic chairs that you would otherwise throw straight into the trash.


It is enough just to disassemble the plastic seats from their iron frames and mount them on a thick wooden beam one after another. Don’t forget to mount a steering wheel opposite the first driver’s seat.


And if you don’t want to throw away the iron frames either, you can use them to create another engaging and challenging game – a balance beam for your little gymnasts. Hold some pine boards with firm screws over the frames and paint the whole thing with glitter spray paint and you are going to have your balance beam.



Children’s games for garden – sandbox

The sandbox belongs to the first children’s garden games that will appear in your garden the moment you have a child. Several variations of sandboxes for small ones made of plastic or wood are sold on the market. However, it is not a requirement to obtain one if you have a suitable size crock like this old blue pot. In this way, they will have in their garden an original sandbox with a unique design that the child will be able to use in their imaginative games.


Children’s games for garden – slide

Little monkeys will love climbing up, peeking out, and scurrying through this garden set. Does anyone have a tree stump in the garden?


If any of your old garden trees have fallen ill or have died and there is no other antidote than cutting it off, its excess stump can give life to a fantastic and ecological slide like in these photographs.
Commenting on stumps, these belong to the materials much used to carry out children’s games for the garden due to their completely natural shape and material. It is not surprising then that stumps are also tried in the next venture.

playground for garden picnic

Fairy seating area

The much more difficult part here is to locate a tree log bulky enough to be cut into stumps that will represent the table and chairs of the fairies in the garden. We recommend that you ask your neighbors. Undoubtedly someone is going to have an old tree that needs to be cut down for safety. It will only be left to him to try to persuade them that reusing the log like this is far superior than throwing it into the fire in the fireplace.


Circus game

For the circus game (tightrope walk), pirate game, and jungle game (creeper swing), all you need is a rope and 2 trees located just the right distance. Create a rope bridge and let the stunt antics begin!


However, in order for the game to be safe and absolutely nobody is damaged, it is important that an adult tie and fix the ropes to the trees.


Play hopscotch in the garden

Make a fun and colorful hopscotch in the garden for your kids!

children's games for garden ideas

Find plenty of square stones and a garden space of soil a little much softer and slower to put them in. But first, then, the much more entertaining part of the job must pass – drawing the numbers and coloring the stones.

children's games for garden lady

Don’t forget to look at the tarp grass so you don’t stain it while you spray paint them in different colors.


Children’s games for garden – Indian Tipi shop

Outdoor games will be even more enjoyable if you build a Tipi in the garden.
Do you have little little ones who really like to play outside in the summer? Do you have a space in your garden that you don’t know what to do with? Why not make a sweet pea teepee?
This is a simple DIY endeavor for the whole family, and as it quickly takes shape, your children will gradually become more motivated.


Here are simple step-by-step rules to continue:
Pick 8-10 huge branches from your garden or find conveniently sized bamboo poles to make up your tent layout.
Tie a garden string around the poles at multiple angles making a lattice.
On the perimeter between the posts, put a 12 × 12-inch pot with compost. You can use old drawers, wooden drawers, or even stone stones as choices when purchasing novelty planters.
Drill six 1-2 ”holes with your finger pointing down the center of the pot.
Put a pea seed in each and every hole and fill it with water. Cover the seed with soil and water again.
Be sure to protect the plant from damage by slugs and other insects. You can use an approved organic repellent that is not harmful to pets and little ones.
Water recurrently to keep the soil moist.
Guide the seedlings to the posts so they can climb the gardening rope and see the entire composition of the teepee.
Sweet peas thrive with amazing agility, so your kids won’t have to wait long for their teepee to cover.
Right now you have a living teepee that smells great, looks beautiful and the little ones will love your brand new outdoor playhouse.
Remember to keep harvesting the peas so that much more flowers grow and the entire plant expands.
If you want your teepee to be even more impressive, try planting sunflowers near the base of the teepee. They will grow tall and add a vibrant, warm yellow color to the fresh blue, white, and purple pea flowers.

children's games for garden with-water

Children’s games for garden with water

Wait for a sunny day to make this plastic bottle waterfall. The thrill scenarios will increase as the H2O falls. And do not have any illusions – at the end of the game there will be no dry clothes so it is preferable to play it in a bathing suit.
Materials for entrepreneurship:
5-6 plastic bottles of juice or water, rinsed
A wooden fence or a large wooden area
1 Knife and scissors
6-10 screws
6-10 washers (optional)
Drill or screwdriver
* As this activity involves trimming with knives and drilling screws, this has to be configured by an adult. The little ones have the possibility to see and attend, but for security reasons they have to wait until the waterfall is ready to play.
1. Find an open space in your wooden fence to modify the waterfall. Or you can put a 4×4 or much larger piece of wood on whatever fence or wall you choose.
2. Take a plastic bottle and cut the entire bottom of it exactly. Hold the bottle, cap down, toward the wood to measure where you want the top to be. Place the top bottle where your child can comfortably touch the top. Use a screw and washer to hold the bottle with the cap down.
3. You can then modify the waterfall as you like. To make the game much more entertaining, you can hold the leftover bottles at different angles and cut holes in different parts following the law of gravity.

Much more ideas for children’s games for garden:

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children's games for garden house

children's games for garden ideas


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