How to gain privacy on your terrace or garden

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If your house has garden or terrace I am persuaded that you have an astonishing summer days. This open-air site is transformed into an ideal space to enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure outside, always and at all times with a dose of privacy that we all want to protect.

To achieve this today I bring you multiple ideas to do concealment systems that will protect your outer region from strange looks and they will do it in a very ornamental way. Likewise, you will find yourself comfortable on your balcony or garden terrace since the privacy of this space will be much more than assured.


If you like to offer a rustic air To the outside region of your house you can put some reeds that look like wicker, bamboo or heather. You will be able to decorate your terrace and garden while hiding this space and providing it with greater privacy. You can add some plants to offer a plus touch to the decoration.

Wooden fences

They are much more resistant than the hurdles and they will last you much longer. There are many options, you can put the crossbars in vertical format and also in horizontal, creating an ideal concealment for your terrace or garden. You can select the width and tone of the wood, customizing this space in your own way. You can even color them in a color other than our wood.

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Pine bark

Pine bark is a natural material that is being used more and more in concealment systems. It is commonly shown in sheets sewn with wire thread, it is strong and has a rustic facade that will give a very particular touch to your terrace or garden.

Wood frames

Wood belongs to the much more pleasant materials that there are and if you choose it on your terrace you will be able to make a very fun environment where you can enjoy your moments outdoors. An opportunity for your protective fences lies in having paintings of this material, knowing that you will have to pay attention to its care so that they do not spoil.

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Vegetable hiding

Another choice is to opt for vegetable hedges, very ornamental and ideal for designing a really beautiful natural environment. Of course, you have to take into consideration that you must hold them and take care of them so that they are contained in perfect condition. Boxwood, for example, has an evergreen and you can integrate it into tall planters to gain height and discourage prying eyes.


Ivy is another example of vegetal hiding, ideal for your garden. Drill holes in the soil and also include substrate to make it easier for the ivy to take root without any hassle. To completely close the garden you can integrate some tree, to serve as an example, a tree of love. What do you think of the initiative?

Huge flower pots with plants or flowers

Also with nature as the main character, there is the opportunity to hide your much smaller terrace or balcony by putting huge flowerpots at a certain height and putting huge pots in them. plants and flowers. It is the much more ornamental you will find to store the privacy of your outdoor space, since the wide variety of species that you can plant allows you to play with many options when it comes to color and manner. You have to look at the orientation of the region where you are going to put them to choose the class that best suits the weather conditions.

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Metallic canvas

You can design a fence for your garden with metal tarp. It is much cheaper than wood although not so ornamental, but you can always add climbing plants, some vine or flowers to offer a touch of joy and showiness.

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