How to Decorate the Bathroom Mirror

Most of the time, when we acquire a speculum for the bathroom, we are content simply to hang it over the sink, and we do not consider that we are talking about an element with enough potential.

If it is surrounded or complemented with the correct elements, which make it a key ornamental factor, the bathroom will change completely.

If your bathroom speculum does not have anything special (or if the one you do not enjoy or is quite bland), you can take note of certain ideas that we present to you now. It will shine with its own light!

Surround the speculum with lights



It is a traditional. In fact, there are specula for sale that have different lighting elements incorporated. However, if this is not your case, you can install them yourself. And you can do it in multiple ways.

Undoubtedly, the most common is placing 2 small lights on each side of the speculum, or in the center of the top. As is logical, for a better result these spotlights or appliques must be authentic and of a style similar to that of the speculum.

On the other hand, there is the opportunity, if your speculum splits something from the wall, to put a luminous row hides. Likewise, after the speculum a glow will form that will make it unique.

Look for creative resolutions



Completely opposite to the previous initiative, which looks for its ease and for the proportion of people who apply it, we show you among the much more creative resolutions: surround the frame of your speculum with markers or colored pencils, or opt for folding with appearance tube multiple sheets of gazette or newspaper.

The aesthetics of the speculum in your bathroom will change completely, and you will not have to invest enough money to achieve it. In truth, the only thing you will need, apart from what is now commented, is some glue or very strong liquid glue.

Of course, with what it costs to implement this initiative, we recommend that you discard it if your speculum is of enormous dimensions.

Use a vinyl to personalize your speculum



As in many other opportunities, vinyl can be really useful when adding a particular touch to any space, in a case like this the bathroom. We are talking about a product of which there are immensity of designs and different classes, and you can have it by the meter very economically. Then, you just have to cut it and stick it where you want.

Undoubtedly, among the materials that much more emulate vinyl is wood. Can you imagine being able to add to your speculum, so easy and simple, an edge that looks like wood? Or stick pictures or inspiring prayers on your speculum that also decorate the room? Since with a material like vinyl you can find it.

Add distinction to your speculum



If your speculum now has a nice frame, but you think that it falls short in terms of distinction or sophistication, stop worrying, there are options and ways to improve it. One of them concerns the opportunity to change the color to the frame of your bathroom speculum.

And, if you want it to stop being a speculum much more, to become «the speculum», what you can do is to dye it gold or silver, depending on what goes best with the rest of the decoration of your bathroom. It will dazzle every time you turn on the lights!

Do you enjoy the rustic? Use wooden wands!



Another way to give your bathroom speculum uniqueness, if you love wood, is to opt for gluing multiple wands or small twigs well aligned and forming a frame near the speculum. It may seem somewhat complex to implement this initiative, but we assure you that it is considerably easier than you imagine.

Become with several wands (that you will be able to find in the field or in prepared stores) and stick them around the speculum, using a strong tail. And keep in mind that the wands are not required to be perfectly straight or the same size. Do not be afraid to evaluate news!

Put sideboards near the speculum



Sometimes the much more practical solution may also be the much more correct. And it happens that a bathroom without enough storage space can be quite uncomfortable. Hence, if you do not have enough drawers or cabinets to store towels and toiletries, the highlight is that you install some easy sideboards on each side of the speculum.

In this way, without making it important, they will complement it and give it a bit more life. Of course, you must commit to keeping them always and at all times in order and also impeccable. If not, the effect will be the opposite.

Gather multiple specula to make a composition



If you enjoy combining styles and stand out for daring the latest trends, then this is going to be your preferred tip. It lies, essentially, in making a composition on the wall of your bathroom, through the installation of multiple small specula and, if you dare, different from each other. The effect is going to be amazing and will surprise locals and strangers.

Of course, we would recommend not opting for this way of giving your bathroom speculum uniqueness if you do not have another speculum of enormous dimensions in the rest of the home. If you do, you would miss being able to look at yourself in a space in a much more comfortable way, as you could do if you had a large speculum in the bedroom or hall.

Stick some stones on the edges as well



In exactly the same line of surrounding your speculum with elements that make it particular, we continue with the initiative of using different stones for this. And we mention different, because these have the possibility of being of different sizes, shapes and tones. And also, as in the situation of the wooden strands, you will also be able to take them from the street, parks, beaches or mountains.

What you will achieve with that is a unique style, which on the other hand will combine perfectly with the rest of the wood furniture. Every time you enter your bathroom, it will seem that you are walking in a genuine spa.

Cover a part of the speculum with paint



Not only about frames and surrounding specula is spoken at the time of personalizing this element so common in each and every one of the bathrooms. There are other ways, much more authentic and less recurrent, to decorate this kind of speculum. And one of them lies in contemplating with paint only part of it. To serve as an example, the bottom or the edges, in the form of a frame.

How to carry it out? Since, again, the options are many. 2 of the much easier ones are to stick a piece of ornamental vinyl, or to opt for coloring with special paint for specula. In this way, you will break its original facade and give it a new look, different and creative. And you will be able to use the colors you want!

Add bits of glass to find an amazing effect



But if you want to go a step further there in radically changing the look of your speculum is related, the opportunity to glue small pieces of glass or tiles to its edges may seem much more attractive. And these pieces have the possibility of being the same tone as our speculum, or colored, if what you want is to form a genuine mosaic.

In prepared stores you will find endless types of glass, which you will then be able to distribute along the edges of the speculum to offer it a completely different appearance. In addition to this, the play of light that will be produced will seem very impressive to you.

Spend the edges for a vintage effect



Whether your speculum has a wooden frame, as if it is made of metal, in both cases you will be able to resort to techniques to achieve an aged appearance but very cautious. Not in vain, the vintage style is little by little more in trend and combines perfectly with other ornamental trends.

Have no idea how to find this interesting effect? On the one hand, there is the option of using paints. Among them, the hue of aged gold stands out. And, on the other hand, you have the option of using a file, to use little by little and carefully the area of ​​the speculum that you want.

Hang or circle the speculum with strings



Strings or cords will go well in your bathroom for sure, whatever the style. And it is that they will only provide warmth and a very handmade touch. Therefore, no matter how modern your bathroom is, a factor in this way will only be able to add, never subtract.

And, again, we are faced with a material that you will be able to find in many types of stores. You just have to choose the thickness and tone of the rope, and then put it, with the assistance of an adhesive element, near the speculum. And ready!

Use small specula to skirt the primordial



Now we are talking about the opportunity to use multiple types of speculum to make a much more general composition. In such a case, what we advise is that you use a significantly larger one, to make a kind of abstract frame with multiple considerably smaller specula around it.

Naturally, neither your imagination nor your desires will find any limit here. Become with those small specula that much more attract your attention, although they are not all the same or simulated. In the plurality is the taste!

If you enjoy the sea, use multiple shells



In the event that you are passionate about the sea and the beach or if, simply, the marine aesthetic attracts your attention, do not hesitate and apply it in your bathroom. If in any room of the house this type of decoration looks great, it is here. And you can apply it in this way that you would with wooden wands or with colored pencils.

We will talk to you about grabbing or getting in stores a great handful of shells, conches and starfish. Then, with the support of a fairly strong glue (but careful not to damage or break the fragile shells), stick them one by one around your speculum. You choose how many you want to use, and what size you want them to be.

An original and capable concept for the skilled: use plastic spoons



Continue attentive if what you want is for your speculum to become a unique element, because absolutely no one much else is going to have it the same in their bathroom. Specifically, this technique involves trimming the stick out of multiple plastic spoons, so that the only thing you keep is the round part. After this, you just have to arrange them near the speculum.

And, to add much more sophistication to your creation, form multiple concentric rows, one next to the other. Each one is going to be a bit bigger than the previous one, and you will be able to color the pieces of the spoons in different colors with sprays.

The flowers will give a very romantic air to your bathroom



Finally, we must not stop naming a concept that is identified by its romanticism: completing the edges of your flower speculum. It is going to be quite superior if these are artificial, because in this way their appearance will not get worse after a while or attract mosquitoes.

On the other hand, we remind you that it is also feasible to make artificial flowers from much more different materials, such as cardboard or cardboard. Depending on the style you are looking for and how ornate you want your speculum to have, you will choose whether you want to use few or many flowers, and where to stick them.


With this series of tips, your bathroom speculum will never show bland or easy enough again. They are very unique ways of offering your bathroom a completely different look, without the need to change anything.

In addition to this, most of the advice that we have proposed here can be carried out with a very small budget. Although, yes, most of them need a minimum capacity.

So, if you like crafts, don’t hesitate: choose one of these options and let your imagination fly… also in the bathroom!

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