How to decorate the bathroom according to Feng Shui

bathroom with plant

Whether energy moves in our home effectively or negatively depends on how we distribute the different elements and how we decorate it. It is the idea under which the Feng shui and that can be applied to each and every one of the rooms of the house.

Today we are going to focus on the bathroom, a space that we will try to be comfortable, pleasant and in which we manage to produce an acceptable energy for each and every one of those who live in the house. We come up with some ideas to get it.

Normalize drains

According to Feng Shui, the drains have a negative predominance in this room and even in the rooms that are to the side or below. It is where the leakage of chi or the essential energy of the corner is generated.

If your house is now built and you cannot make profound changes (it is advisable that the bathrooms are on a vertical line and away from the kitchen and the rooms) the most essential thing you can carry out is hold them covered, eminently the toilet seat.

closed drains

Suggested Colors and Materials

When decorating your bathroom, the most convenient colors are green, copper, orange, yellow…. that is, those associated with the elements Earth, Fire and Wood. You can enter them in the complements, to serve as an example. If they are in their light mode, better than dark.

In relation to materials, ceramics and wood are the ones that are going to benefit the most from the proper flow of these energies through the home.

The element Wood It is good in this room to balance the Feng Shui Water. We have the possibility of introducing fire through candles and lamps, for example.

The lighting

As in the rest of the rooms, the illumination takes on a fundamental role in the bathroom. It is essential that there are no melted lamps or that we leave some much looser to save some money. The artificial light used can be cold so that you can look well in the area of ​​the sink and personal hygiene, and if there is an option to put a second light it will be much warmer. You can also light warmly using candles.

Plants in the bathroom

In the bathroom you can put natural or artificial plants. Also, you can enter elements that evoke these natural elements such as paintings, photographs, borders …

white bathroom 1

The door and the rest of the rooms

As we saw at the beginning, the location of the bathroom also establishes how the energy is flowing and whether or not there is prosperity in the home.

According to this thousand-year-old specialty, if the bathroom door is in front of the entrance or the kitchen, the good experiences inside are lost through the drains. If the bathroom is in front of the kitchen it is possible that it is affecting prosperity, and if it is faced with the primary door it can modify the relationships that have a corner within you.

To correct this, it would be necessary to carry out projects and it may not be the moment or you do not have the desire or budget. One solution lies in having the bathroom door always and at all times closed, and the toilet lid as well, as I mentioned before.

gray bathroom bathtub

In pursuit of warmth

On line in general, the bathroom has a low energy level while water is the element that is much more present. Hence, specialists advise using warm colors and also light it properly to balance the humidity of the corner. The water is also balanced, as we have seen before, with the use of wood on the floor or furniture.

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