How to choose the best sunbed


It is the beach and pool season, to lie down in the sun, or trying to find the shade, and spend some moments of relaxation. If you want a lounger for your garden or to enjoy the sea, you will have to choose it appropriately. Today we will see certain notices for this and it happens that some points must be taken into consideration before obtaining this element that you can use to read while you refresh yourself, to take a nap, sunbathe or, simply, disconnect your head from the day to day. Now we look at exactly what you have to look for to choose the best sun lounger for the summer.

The first considerations

It resembles an obvious thing, but the lounger must be comfortable. The moment you go to acquire it, do not hesitate to sit down and try it, you have to feel that it embraces you and collects you, that you are comfortable in it. In addition to this, it is advisable that the backrest be adjustable, so that you can change its situation depending on what activity you are going to do, to make it much straighter if you are going to read or drink something, much lower if you are going to drink. the sun or napping …

The materials

The wooden loungers are the much more distinguished and aesthetic, although the folding ones are less damaged and save space by being able to store them throughout the winter; the metallic aluminum ones are also very ornamental and much lighter. The plastic ones are less cute but you can put some cushions and a mat on top so that they look matching with the rest of the decoration of your garden.


The designs

If you have a garden with a certain ornamental style, you will also have to adapt to it, you have many options of finishes and designs of loungers so you will be able to select the one that best fits the rest of the outer region and the furniture that you have stalls. Also look at the materials to understand well how each one is held and if they are going to be approximately durable. If you choose a large or very heavy one, it is preferable that it has wheels so that you can move it comfortably and put it where you like much more.

The tranquility of the loungers

It is essential that you place cushions or mats, if they are not incorporated, to achieve support for the back and head region. If the lounger is made of fiber or wood, you will see that this makes you considerably more comfortable. If they are made of canvas, they will adjust to the body, they are pleasant and you will not need to use cushions, just putting a towel may be enough. If it is made of hard plastic, it will also be better to locate a mat to be much more comfortable and avoid that the skin is in contact with the plastic as it is hot and sticks in summer …


Clamp lounger, a traditional that never goes out of style

Do you remember the claw lounger, the one that our parents or grandparents had to go down to the beach or have strawberries in the street in summer? Everything returns, and in such a case, it is a traditional with air vintage that we have the possibility to use today. The highlight of this class of sun loungers is that they are comfortable, they do not weigh and they are easy to carry, with which we have the possibility of using it where we want to live a fresh and entertaining moment.

Other types of sun loungers

When selecting a lounger, you can opt for several models. Apart from the clamp, you can get a deck chair that understands you from head to toe, those where you can lie down completely and where you will be very comfortable in each and every moment. There are those with an adjustable backrest and with wheels, which, as we mentioned, is essential for your peace of mind. Another alternative is the baskets, a kind of individual rocker much smaller than a lounger and that have a rocking effect that will make you calm down the moment you sit down.

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