Hipercor: terrace and garden catalog 2016

hypercor terrace garden

Do you want to enjoy the spaces outside of your home? So do we! Of course, before the temperatures begin to rise it is essential that you place the terrace or the nearby garden. In this way, you will have to check your outdoor furniture and, if required, renew it. Of course, if you are missing any part of furniture or accessories and ornaments, at this time is also a good time to acquire them.

To give you a hand, at Ideasdehogar we are now talking about the outdoor compilations of different companies, such as El Corte Inglés, IKEA and Leroy Merlin, but we still have much more proposals to show you. Today, to serve as an example, we want to show you the new Terrace and Garden catalog of Hypercor, which is full of furniture and accessories that will help us to create practical, pleasant and formidably attractive outdoor spaces. Would you like to know much more data? Since all you have to do is take a look at what we tell you below!


How could it be otherwise, the new Hipercor terrace and garden catalog is full of furniture sets for the garden and terrace. The highlight is that it is feasible to locate proposals for all kinds of outdoor spaces, introducing the much smaller ones. Naturally, the company corresponding to El Corte Inglés provides both dining and living sets, managing to locate proposals in different styles and materials: natural rattan, acacia wood, galvanized metal, steel and polyester, terracotta, teak, synthetic rattan …

hipercor terrace garden1


If what is necessary for you is to obtain an individual piece of furniture and not the whole group, in Hiepercor you will also find a lot of attractive proposals, such as resin tables and chairs in different colors, stackable loungers of different materials, waterproof, comfortable poufs rockers and distinguished benches. Obviously, the company has not forgotten the chairs and armchairs folding, which are super useful to go camping, to the mountains or to the beach.

hipercor terrace garden2


You will not be able to enjoy your terrace, garden or balcony if you do not have elements that take care of the sun and the wind. Hipercor is very aware of it, in this way they give different propositions. In this way, to serve as an example, in its new catalog you will be able to get awnings in different colors, parasols of all kinds, gazebos, windbreaker, gazebos and pergolas of the much more modern. Besides protecting from the sun and the wind, these elements will give your outdoor space a touch of style.

hipercor terrace garden3

Barbecues and swimming pools

Obviously, your outdoor space will be transformed into a much more entertaining space if you have a barbecue and a swimming pool. And it happens that these elements will give you unique moments with family and friends. In this way, if you have space, do not hesitate to put certain proposals of the El Corte Inglés company, which provides, apart from swimming pools, each and every one of the precise models to hold it in good condition. terms (anti-algae, chlorine grain, wall cleaner …). When it comes to barbecues, you will find them of all kinds. Naturally, the catalog also includes the accessories and items that a barbecue needs: ignition tablets, charcoal bags, ignition fluid …

hipercor terrace garden4

Lighting and decoration

When it comes to personalizing your garden or terrace, you won’t have to forget about lighting and ornamental elements. Fortunately, in the Hipercor catalog you will find everything that is necessary for you, such as colorful cushions to offer a touch of joy to the space, ornamental figures, lanterns or solar beacons, apart from candles and lanterns. Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find the company’s Terrace and Garden catalog when finished. Of course, keep in mind that the costs shown are only valid until April 24.

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