Hipercor: terrace and garden catalog 2015

Hipercor terrace and garden

You still haven’t conditioned the outdoor spaces of your home? And what are you waiting for? Spring officially begins tomorrow, which means that the good weather will not take long to make an appearance. Therefore, you will have to have everything nearby to be able to enjoy your garden, terrace or patio at the moment when the moment arrives. To help you with this work, in Home ideas We have shown you the compilations to customize the exteriors of firms such as Casa Viva, JYSK or El Corte Inglés. Of course, we still have much more propositions to teach you.

Today, for example, we want to present you the Terrace and Garden catalog of Hypercor, where you will find everything you need to put your terrace or garden point. Do you like to join us?


How could it be otherwise, in the new Hipercor catalog there is no shortage of outdoor furniture, managing to get from relaxation sets to tables and chairs to eat. Of course, what attracts us much more is that we can find proposals of all kinds and claims: special sets for small balconies, tables and chairs for rustic gardens, much more modern furniture, super comfortable sofas … Besides this, there are furniture of all kinds of materials: exotic woods, metal, synthetic fiber, natural fiber … And in order to make your stay in your outdoor space even more comfortable, the company provides colorful children’s chairs and tables, benches, rockers, armchairs, sun loungers and beach chairs .

Hipercor terrace and garden1


The decoration of the exteriors of your home will not be complete if you do not have cushions that, apart from suggesting greater comfort, add a touch of color to the space. And it happens that it should not be forgotten that we enter the season much more happy of the year. In the Hipercor catalog you will find proposals to fill various types of seats and different types of padding. Of course, stripes, among the star patterns in both fashion and decoration, are the genuine main characters.


Among the keys to being able to enjoy the outdoor spaces of the home to the limit is to have elements that take care of the sun’s rays, which at certain moments have the possibility of being much more annoying. Hence, Hipercor offers parasols, gazebos and pergolas in different styles and colors. As you can see, there are options for all kinds of gardens and terraces.

Hipercor terrace and garden2

Swimming pools

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden or a terrace of enormous dimensions, do not hesitate to put a pool, a factor that, apart from cooling you off when the much higher ones arrive. temperatures, it will offer you excellent moments of fun. In Hipercor you will find different models, apart from the necessary items to keep it under surveillance.

Outdoor kitchen

Another element that cannot be missing in the outdoor space of your home if you have enough space is a barbecue, and in the new catalog of the firm corresponding to El Corte Inglés you will find proposals for each and every one of the pockets. Naturally, there is also no shortage of models that will help you cook outdoors, such as charcoal, ignition tablets, ignition gel and accessories. In addition to this, the company does not forget other super useful elements when this season of the year arrives, such as paella pans, food transport bags, tableware or lunch boxes.

Hipercor terrace and garden3


Finally, Hipercor offers different lighting resolutions to be able to enjoy your terrace or garden when the sun goes down: projectors, lanterns, beacons, lamps with animal shapes … Besides this, do not forget the candles, which Apart from offering an ornamental touch to the space, it will offer a warm light that is very interesting. Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find the Hipercor Terrace and Garden catalog for 2015. Are you going to miss it?

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