Habitat 2014 garden tables and chairs

Habitat tables and chairs for the garden

Now are you ready for the arrival of good temperatures? Although the sun and good weather have not yet made an appearance enough, spring has been among us for days now, which means that soon we will be able to start enjoying the best things that this season of the year has such as , to serve as an example, to be able to exploit spaces to the limit outside of home.

To make this feasible, it is essential that conditions the garden, the terrace, the balcony or one of the exterior locations of your home. How? Among many other things you will have to enter furniture, pergolas, plants and different elements typical of these areas. For this, and more than anything in this season of crisis, most of us are used to resorting to the most affordable options, which can be found in stores such as Leroy Merlin or Maisons du Monde. However, when resorting to trinkets, we frequently leave aside design, which is also essential to create spaces in which we feel comfortable. You will be able to combine design and economic propositions in Habitat. Do you want to understand their proposals in chairs and tables for the garden?

The origin and existence of habitat

Don’t you know Habitat yet? Since now it is time for you to do it! This chain of designer and contemporary furniture, with a presence in the market since 1964, has stores in England, France, Germany and Spain. In this country you will be able to locate them in certain major cities such as Barcelona, ​​the capital of Spain, Valencia, Marbella and Bilbao.

Contemporary design at affordable costs

In this furniture and decoration store they have developed a term consisting of lending modern youth a democratic concept of contemporary design at cost accessible. How? Since equating shopping to fun, offering furniture and family accessories from all over the planet, mixing love for the home with the joy of colors, food, art and all the good things in life. In Habitat you will find sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, dressers, beds and ornamental elements with authentic designs (paintings, rugs, coat racks, candles, specula, clocks …). However, knowing how soon the good weather is, today we focus on the furniture for the garden.

Habitat tables and chairs for the garden1

A wide variety of propositions

If there is some furniture that cannot be missing in the outdoor spaces of your home throughout this season of the year, these are the tables and chairs. On Habitat You will find a lot of proposals, so you will surely find the one that best goes with the style of your garden, terrace or balcony. The unbeatable thing is that in its catalog you will find a lot of folding models, special for small outdoor spaces, where it is essential to have visual amplitude when neither tables nor seats are required.

Pretty colorful

However, what attracts us much more about Habitat’s proposals for the garden is its color. And it happens that beyond the possibility of finding several designs in white, to offer peace and relaxation to outdoor locations, apart from proposals in wood, there are also many chairs and furniture in shades alive, ideal to offer positivity to the much warmer months of the year.

The star furniture of the compilation

Although as we have finished commenting on you, the chain of furniture stores has a lot of proposals, there are some that have called our attention to the rest, such as, to serve as an example, the group of tables and stools Tico, that you will be able to contemplate in the next photograph.

Habitat tables and chairs for the garden

The folding table has also caught our attention Rosso, perfect for those small spaces that we mentioned before. The highlight is that it is free in different colors such as, for example, yellow, as you can see in the next photograph.

Habitat tables and chairs for the garden4

Now we leave you with our Gallery, where you will be able to take a look at several of the furniture included in the compilation of Habitat tables and chairs. You will be able to find them all on your page.

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