Green roofs and green roofs

great modern architecture green roofs

The architects much more sought after today use recent tactics to achieve that buildings interact better with its natural environment, these are uniquely distinct and complicated in remote places in the middle of a nature. There are 2 approaches recurring which is used for these situations. The first of them lies in burying the architectural composition on the ground so that the building is transformed on a kind of underground house. The second approach is supported by the construction of green roofs and green roofs, and this is going to be exactly the theme of our product, you have no chance to miss it.

Architectural designs with green roofs

amsterdam covered house green roof

The architects of DC-Studio I know they confronted a huge inconvenience at the time they started this venture that we can consult above that is located in Amsterdam, Holland. They were asked to will add much more space to family home that exists unoccupied the garden space. The service customers they wanted to protect the largest number of zones green viable. The solution found by the device was rebuild the garden dwellings that they are already and connect them.

Updated house design in Amsterdam

amsterdam house green roofs

They toasted to the composition redesigned an original testera of specula and they also chose that was a real section of the garden through a cover of sedum. This in addition to this left to hide the angles and corners of the building design box-like and for the plants to act also as filters protectors of the light of the sun direct.

Vegetation covered roofs and tiles

amsterdam house terrace plant study

When putting together the 2 volumes in one result that space can to be used much more efficiently. The owners they opted for stay with a section as a storage region and the rest like a space of garden study. To obtain much more light natural of the garden, again it was used a speculum, this time to reflect the light from the section of A better Lighting system of the back garden.

Modern home designs with green roofs

amsterdam house study green roof

The determining measure was to make sure than the volume restored would a part of the garden instead of a part of built environment. This was done through a cover of sunset green on surfaces angular to elude do the way habitual of box partner to buildings and when hiding the Windows of vision direct. This orientation of the Windows also gives the study a sense of privacy and intimacy. So much is this way not only used as an office space, but rather also like a room. Likewise, the geometry of the building was uniquely developed to have fun with the sight lines and not have vertical surfaces parallel to the house, but at an angle that has a much more continuous flow. This geometry was tested and adjusted on site using a mock line before the design was finalized.

Headboard design with specula and vegetation

amsterdam house roof green plants

The next architectural design with green roofs will now appear in the photo above. The beauty of the landscape green from Iceland makes this region of the planet be a space ideal for vacations and homes of countryside. This house particularly was built as a part of a contest in year 2012. Was developed by PK Architects what did you decide use the ground leftover from the excavation in the place to make a shell near the house.

Country house design in Iceland

country house iceland green roof

This natural coverage let the building disappear from vision. The second huge feature who has a role related is the roof with green roof. These 2 combined elements they create a truly amazing green composition. The apparatus of architects also has added a sequence of specs green intended to achieve that composition be the most interesting viable from each and every perspective.

Tree House Real Estate in Vietnam

tree house Vietnam

Due to rapid urbanization, cities in Vietnam have diverged very far from their rampant tropical forest origins. In Ho Chi Minh, as an example, the area of ​​only 0.25% of the entire locality is covered with vegetation. The excess of motorcycles makes the congestion of the periodic traffic, such as the serious air pollution. As a result, the new generations in urban locations lose their connections to nature.

Tree House Design with Roof Blocks

tree house blocks rooftops

The «Home of the trees«, a house prototype in a configured budget, it is an effort to move this situation. The goal of entrepreneurship is to return green spaces on the location, with aptitude high consistency of housing with huge trees tropical. Five concrete boxes, All of them host a different program, are designed as «pans» to plant trees on the top one. With a ground cover of thickness, are «pans» they also march like basins rainwater for arrest and retention, thus, contribute to reduce the danger of rising water in the locality at the moment when the initiative multiply yet high number of homes in the future.

Exterior view of Edgeland house

house modern green design

Developed by Bercy Chen Studio, the Edgeland housing is in a small place on the banks of the Red River. His design it is modern and sustainable, inspired by the houses well. Was constructed at location and was divided into 2 pavilions separated with green roofs in angle. One way cuts through the space to be central, with what the distinction between these areas are much more perceptible.

Edgeland House design with green roof

original Edgeland vegetable terraces designs

The Edgeland home is located in a rehabbed abandoned industrial region and is an up-to-date reinterpretation of the much older North American home typologies, American Pit homes. The Pit Houses, commonly sunken, take advantage of the mass of the earth to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year. Exactly the same this timeless dwelling, the insulating green roof and the 7-foot excavation in the ground, keeps it cool in the summer and burning in the winter.

Modern home designs with green roofs

original designs terraces houses

The mechanical system combines hydraulic heating and a green roof for maximum energy efficiency. The Edgeland house wants to intervene in the healing of the land and the optimization of the scars of the industrial past of the place. The venture raises awareness of a natural landscape and the diminution of its finite elements by creating a balance between the surrounding industrial region and the physical river on the opposite side of the corner. Both visually and functionally, Edgeland architecture is like an extension of the landscape. The project is divided into 2 separate pavilions, for housing and rooms, and needs direct contact with external elements to move from one to the other.

Capable architecture that protects the landscape

 Paul de Ruiter modern design

The Ville K It’s in Thuringia, Germany and was developed by Paul from Rider Architects in 2014. The initiative was reach a design for a house sustainable that integrates prudently in the natural environment. Lto creation of the architects it’s very simple and, the same weather, a house renewing built only with glass, steel and concrete.

Updated architecture design with green roofs

modern architecture green roofs

The glass head determines the life zones, the opening of these spaces to the points of view without being interrupted by any. The popular area it’s fenced by a terrace U-shaped that intersects with a patio and a pool, both moderately covered. The green roof it is the primary element that attend for the composition connect to location and the surroundings.

View of the interior of the country house

modern country house interior

We leave you at this time with the rest of photographs of updated architecture designs with green roofs and green roofs from around the planet, enjoy the walk and continue visiting our page to understand much more trends and news, until soon.

Great properties with natural architecture

photography green luxurious building

Modern building design in China

china green house green roof

Updated architecture design with green areas

china green house modern architecture

Authentic Upgraded Landscape Architecture Designs

china green house plant design

Original updated headboard design

facade house entrance red garden

Modern style architecture design

modern terrace design green areas

Updated house dome interior design

interior dome modern house

Modern architecture with green roofs

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Modern bathroom design

modern country house bathroom

Country home designs with porch

green modern house porch

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Updated architecture designs with green roofs

green roofs modern architecture countryside

Authentic modern fronts with green roofs

Modern Natural Ground Roofs Clay

Tower design with gold inner dome

original tower house golden dome moernqa

Reddish exterior landscape

nice reddish exterior scenery

Interior of the golden dome

golden dome interior view

Image of the entrance to the house

view door entrance access to house

Design by Henning Larsen Architechts

design Henning Larsen Architechts

Modern Building Design by Henning Larsen Architechts

modern building Henning Larsen Architechts

Building Design in Viborg by Henning Larsen Architechts

Viborg Henning Larsen Architect's building

green roof country house design

original designs houses terraces France

roof terraces and green roofs

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design house France modern roofs

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spain modern house green roof

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spain green house green roof

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great modern architecture covered mountains

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france original design green house

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france original design modern architecture

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green roofed country house

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Vietnam house public architecture

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vietnam house design architecture green

green vietnam public building

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