Gardens sculptures of different styles for unique environments

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In the gardens statues are a huge aspect to flourish the decoration of the exterior of the house. Regardless of the size of our garden in the least, one of these proposals will make it look different. The options for statues are many. There is an extensive selection to select from ranging from traditional to combination of materials such as corten steel or stone. If you choose an updated image, you will also find in our gallery some attractive initiative for your garden. So we will guide you in selecting this beautiful look for any space.

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The key in statuary gardens and their selection is to maintain a harmony according to the style of the patio. The main purpose is to complete the exterior with beauty with what you have to bet on the computation. A statue with a modern image should not be seen as something foreign to the landscape. It must to a greater extent blend fluidly with the style and sustain its uniqueness.

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It is often difficult to find the one much more suitable that supports an attractive and artistic design. Hence we made a selection of certain much more important ones shown at the Chelsea flower show. Next to certain designs that in the same way are highlighted by their shapes and materials. We are sure that you will fall in love with one of them to make it the jewel of your garden.

Gardens statues and the best proposals

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At first glance, the styles of these statues are all different. However, there is one aspect that predominates and is common in each and every one. We are talking about the uniqueness, an essential aspect if we want the statues to be a kind of backdrop that adds a visual attraction. In all this purpose you can achieve optical illusions, lighting and vision.

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In general, the decoration on the outside can be highlighted by adding a greater proportion of plants or with statues. If we want to offer a dramatic effect, certain statues well distributed will be a great idea. This is an original concept by David Harber, a modern design that is shaped like a bitten apple.

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Statues like those of David Harber are true masterpieces for gardens. Equally interesting is this sundial with a peculiar artistic façade. The entire stainless steel composition optimizes its facade and makes it much more resplendent. It is a model that we perfectly recommend for a garden with a minimalist design.

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In the case of a traditional image, this case is undoubtedly a nod to the huge traditional ones. Despite being a modern statue, the image of the kneeling man carrying the globe refers us to ancient legends. It is an amazing image that will not cease to amaze those who visit us.

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The location of the statues in the garden is another aspect to prosper their encounter. Ponds or pools are always and at all times an effective method of carrying it out. Beyond the style, the statue in these environments will give you this active and updated image. For this design, the wrought iron in the three spheres create a harmonious group with an enormous balance of its forms.

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Another one of the perfect resolutions in statuary gardens and design is corten steel. Here we expose you this beauty with composition in this material with jagged shapes and irregular appearance. The rusty look in the area of ​​this material gives it a certain romantic charm. Arguably retro but very genuine.

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Added to the effect of modern statues, it is impossible to stop thinking about other data. Comfortable furniture designed for the garden. Apart from an acceptable selection of plants that fill it with exoticism, they are a great combination for a captivating and at the same time serviceable garden. If you choose a new and fresh space, start with this information.


We expose you Coluna among the modern statues of David Harber. Without a doubt it is among the much more inspiring productions. With organic forms, this metal composition with discs separated between them is a huge visual clash. It can be useful as inspiration for the design of any modern garden. More than anything for those of us who choose an artistic and different image.


Another important facility is this one made up of multiple glistening materials. It is ideal for statuary gardens and spaces full of character. It will be of great help to prosper and orient the garden towards a contemporary style. The use of materials with an ornamental effect is one of its enormous potentialities.

Gardens statues based on different accents


A while ago we mentioned the ponds and pools to boost the effect of the statues. This realm goes much further there with a huge sense of uniqueness. Added to the combination of plants and flowers, a mosaic is added. Its multicolored effect is made the center of attention in this patio. It is a beautiful plurality full of exoticism and modernity.


At the moment when we talk about gardens, statues and singularity, this is another remarkable undertaking. It will be of great help to us to offer a greater ornamental effect to the entire patio. The attractive thing is that this statue, thanks to its image, is very versatile. You decide where to place it if in the garden or in another region, we guarantee that it will be gleaming regardless of the location.


Another of the authentic projects on display at the Chelsea Flower Show is this one. Developed from a metal tube, its finish is amazing. To give it a greater artistic effect, it has been combined with meaty and many flowers that fill the project with color. It is a perfect work for small gardens or in the case of a larger one.


Similar to the previous one in a certain way, this other work is ideal for gardens, statues and any style. The two can be said to distribute exactly the same creative spirit. For the other variation, inspiration is part of the mechanism of a watch. What gives it a really unique facade in relation to the steel elements that also make it up together with the colored flowers.


The statues are equally beautiful when they are considered to be combined in the form of a floral composition. This other variation with a contemporary effect is with the ability to enhance the beauty of any room. Its open flower shape and copper finish is already something fantastic. In the center, the huge sphere does not stop recalling a pearl. The ideal jewel for an interesting and modern garden of great luxury.


A huge apple belongs to the impressive samples. If you are looking for a personal touch in all outdoor decoration. In this photograph it has nothing to do with a common fruit, much more like something very different. This apple is inspired by urban art with a colorful design particular to a modern garden. There is going to be no way it won’t stand out from the rest of the elements.


If in each and every one of these initiatives there is one that has mixed uniqueness with art, it is this other. A combination of the serviceable with the artistic supported by a wrought iron cabinet that completes the sculptural effect. The butterfly style and the green tones give it a romantic accent and it can be said that it is even poetic.

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Another poetic unison effect can be seen in this dress-shaped statue. We are talking about a green onyx design that takes materials to another level. It is our material and the carving that causes it to be enjoyed apart from its extraordinary texture. With a part of this genre, any corner will become the center of attention in the patio.


Gardens statues and the way they are interspersed with water features the courtyard is splendid. This plant model resembles a large tree. Its inspiration in nature is visible, starting from its design to the way it can be integrated into the different spaces. Her accents of color make her the huge main character in this pond.


The boats in the gardens, statues and multiple designs are frequently taken up. As a complement to this small river-shaped design, one is used. It is ideal for classic-style gardens and apart from its attractive image, it is very practical. With only certain changes it is the much more permanent support we saw for the pots. It can be adjusted in many ways for its handmade beauty. With some time and some DIY projects we will achieve enormous results.


We continue with the creations near ponds or pools. On this occasion the inspiration does not come from nature but rather from traditional dance. This dancer for gardens, statues and designs is a leader. It shows its splendor in the center of the ponds and the unbeatable thing is that it can be complemented with other data. Other much smaller statues or plants are true of our recommendations.


If we talk about gardens, statues and uniqueness, these three are a huge example of uniqueness. Their encounter is undoubtedly very joyful. Something that comes always and at all times well if we consider refreshing the image of our garden. For this vernal realm with perfect and customization is likewise feasible. The wood finish is the best solution for a natural and harmonious image.


With some talent and patience you can make your personal statue. However you will need some talent. This other DIY wood variation is a good start. The themes to inspire you have the possibility of being many. Nature, dance, music and everything that comes to mind should be worn depending on the decoration of the garden.


In the gardens statues based on the animal kingdom were always and at all times in trend. They are an ideal solution for customizing and thriving various environments. Who knows, it may even be inspired by a pet. Butterflies, fish and even this iguana will change the perfect way in which we observe our garden. So go thinking about your favorite animal and create a space in your patio for him.


It can be a bird like this in the middle of a green garden. The image of the birds of prey is too impressive. One akin to photography can look good in any garden beyond style. We recommend it for a modern space and you decide in which region of the patio to place it. Here the stone base is of enormous visual beauty thanks to its satisfactory texture.


Using stone the design in the picture above is equally very elegant. In contrast to being based on the ways of an animal, an abstract design was chosen. It is not of enormous height but it holds a unique personality and its hunched shapes add a visually fun dynamism to it. A simple and effective method to decorate a forgotten corner of the patio.


In the middle of this silk we find this sphere that gives off light from its interior. Enclosed by columns it is really difficult not to see all the classic façade of this beautiful group. Its base looks like a kind of extension of the ground that rises to hold the sphere in the air.


Variation for a modern space that recreates the dancers and the planet of dance. The statue is special in this radical of the patio next to the pool. In distinguished forms and in beautiful dark tones, this initiative is a huge addition to the aesthetics of this updated house and the decoration of its exterior. Providing a different and tasteful accent.


2 different resolutions located in environments that differ in style in the same way. In the left situation for a modern garden. Embellished by the abstract finish of the statue. At the same time, this female figure refers us to the traditional and the classic in the design of the gardens. As a backdrop a wooden wall is the impeccable connection with nature.


If one speaks of beauty, resistance and contemporary style, few materials emit this sensation like corten steel. His image supposedly worn from an orange to a rusty copper are very particular. Other resolutions based on color data and other materials continue in the images now.




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