Garden stones, creating natural environments.

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The use of garden stones belongs to the resolutions that are used most frequently. The reason is in its incredible value and aesthetic contribution. The interior can be turned into something really nice and full of value. The garden stones in addition to this give us other options in terms of contrasts. Eminently the white ones are particular and also very resistant. If we create a rock garden or simply add them to the landscape, the options are many. The image of the patio will be able to last in the course of a longer time.

Garden stones in light tone

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The rocks are resistant to weather changes and will be able to be outdoors with practically no modifications. Various types are marketed and especially the situation of the white ones can be bought in bags of ten to thirty kilos. The installation of garden stones is not a complex inconvenience. Your imagination simply has to prevail and develop and calculate the shapes and effect you want to achieve.

Garden stones and paths

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The first thing before its placement is to prepare the batch properly. It should be tried to see a practically flawless leveling and leave it as smooth as possible. You can place a mesh that prevents the development of bad weeds. On this mesh we have the possibility of placing the rocks that we have chosen. The effect will be immediate and the combination with other plants will be very dynamic. The natural effect is going to be really very harmonious regardless of the type or color of the rocks. The different methods and apps are quite a lot.

Rocks to define planters

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Apart from the instant area next to the plants, they can be placed in pots or bordering ponds or planters. You can still define the pool area if it exists. It is undoubtedly a very relaxing development as it is to conceive the entire garden and its design. The essential thing is that we maintain a connection with nature as we convert our space. We have the possibility to combine the rocks according to their dimensions.

Combination of flowering plants

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The functionalities apart from the ornamental part that we comment on have the possibility of being also practical. With the rocks, it is possible to contemplate data from the lot or spaces that have been exposed or without vegetation. In general, they will be able to be ordered easily. Especially if we talk about the delimitation of roads or marking the roads that are formed. The truth is that we have the possibility of us making that different aspect in our patio that will fill it with freshness.

Variations with rocks of different sizes

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In all the use that is made of rocks, the design of the roads occupies a particular place. Both for a part of the garden or the entrance of the house it will be really useful. Here the stones with irregular edges have the possibility to supplement the tiles. The biggest difference is the rustic touch that is achieved with this. Not to mention that all placement development is considerably simpler. The use of limestone with a medium thickness is recommended. In the same way, you can opt for travertine, which also has a delicious beauty. Other types such as basalts or limestones have the possibility of being equally useful.

White flakes for roads

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Its incredible finish in several of these situations makes them much more resistant to the wear that is generated by friction. We must avoid using flakes that are quite thin for greater durability. The same in the previously shaken examples is not a complex development. The much more difficult thing could be the predisposition of the stones. Apart from their manipulation, always and at all times avoiding breaking them as they would result in weak extracts.

Mixed rock combination

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The reason is that to achieve an aesthetic result we will need much more time. Always and at all times it will be feasible to change the shape and predisposition of the rocks, adapting them to our interests. Here we expose you to multiple uses and creative propositions. In them you will see the garden stones applied in a creative and particular way.

Linear curved shapes

stones for garden books floors terraces

Contrast with rocks and grass

stones for garden grass colors plants

Variations with mulch and river stones

stones for garden wood cabins lines

Small space segmentation

stones for garden laying mulch segment

Variation with dark mulch

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Space with outdoor lounge

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Small rock design

stones for garden small species rooms

Natural rocks and flowering plants

stones for garden rooms shelves plants

Variation for modern space

stones for garden insurance concepts lawn

Edges with small natural rocks

stones for garden living room effect systems

Resolutions for edges and roads

garden stones small mulch systems

Rocks of different dimensions

stones for garden creative solutions trees

Small garden with large rock

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