Garden Fireplaces – Elegantly Designed Ideas –

garden fireplaces pool lights

The garden fireplaces They belong to the ornamental elements that we have the possibility of integrating to the exterior of our house. Recently, there have been several new designs and styles that we will present in the article so that you can transform your home into a very attractive space.

Garden fireplaces

dish-shaped garden fireplaces

We are going to start with the much more attractive chimneys for terraces or for the garden and in the end we are going to move on to the much more common ones. The fire in your garden can come out of containers with different shapes. One of them is the plate way, set in a much higher area with ornamental stones.

Cracking the ground

garden chimneys crack shape

Near your pool you can make a hole in the ground or a kind of crack with an irregular shape so that the fire can come out of there. You will also create the sensation that the fire comes out of the interior of the earth.

Fire in other forms

garden fireplaces spherical shape

If we seek singularity, we have the possibility of opting for a spherical chimney with crystals on 2 of its sides. It belongs to the ideas that have the possibility of being useful both for the interior of your house, for the exterior.

Elena Colombo’s red-hot water lily ¹

garden fireplaces water lily

If you are one of those who like to impress, this outdoor fireplace will do the job. A water lily, from which the fire comes out. The effect of the incredible is achieved the moment we arrange the way over the area of ​​the water.

Fire on the ground

garden chimneys ground awning

Modernity can also be achieved in much easier ways: a round hole in the ground, filled with stones, between which the fire rises, and covered by a piece of wood curved in the shape of an awning.

Ornamental panel for the bonfire

garden fireplaces panel picture

We have the possibility of doing something similar but with a square space cut out of the ground and filled with stones. The fire will again come out between the stones, but if we place a panel with an image between the sides, the fire will light it up and bring imagination to the garden.

The fire between crystals

garden fireplaces fire crystals

Fire as an ornamental element can be placed between 4 crystals. It is a concept that will cover the exterior of distinction and class. This garden fireplace is perfect for much more complex people.

Fire on a plate

garden fireplaces wide plate

An alternative option to the initiative of the fire in the dish-shaped container, it can be a much wider dish that we have the possibility to put in any part of our garden and make, in this way, the number of garden chimneys that we wish.

The magic of the well

garden fire pit fireplaces

As outdoor fireplaces we have the possibility of using modern fire pits: those stone cavities with a hole in the center through which the fire comes out. We have the possibility to put multiple chairs around it and sit and contemplate the magic of the flame.

The fire as aforno

Ractangular Container Garden Fireplaces

The fire that comes out between the stones can also be found coming out between some ornamental stones, placed in a square container. In this way, the fire will come out between them, but will cross the length of the container.

Enjoying the locked fire

covered container garden fireplaces

We have the possibility of seeing this initiative carried out in a closed space, not directly exposed to the open air, and much higher. The square way follows exactly the same length of the flames. We have the possibility of putting this furniture near us in the vicinity of a table with some armchairs.

Outdoor fire

outdoor garden fireplaces

The proximity of the fire emanating from a square container can also be observed in the open air. In addition to this, we have the possibility of using it as a table and surrounding it with armchairs. This is going to be the special place to spend the cooler summer nights.

Inlaid chimneys

wall recessed garden fireplaces

Getting a little closer to the usual garden fireplaces, we are going to continue commenting on distinction and attractiveness, more than anything, in the case of an outdoor fireplace, embedded in a wall, which perfectly combines the color of dark marble and the color black.

With space for wood

outdoor wall fireplaces

Inlaid garden fireplaces can also be viewed in this way. We are talking about a fireplace set in a wall and closed only by one part with a glass. In addition to this, under the fireplace there is an empty space to put the wood.

At night it looks better

inlaid outdoor fireplaces

And why not place a fireplace in this way in the garden? Here the singularity exceeds its limits and we have a space in which we would sit and rest with enough pleasure.

A compact fireplace

outdoor fireplace small house

Coming to the usual garden fireplaces, we must take into consideration that among them we also manage to find different styles, depending on our type of house. If our house is much smaller, we have the possibility of selecting a fireplace in this way and using it in our outdoor kitchen.

With smoke duct

garden chimneys smoke duct

On the other hand, if we have a much larger garden but we are passionate about fireplaces, made with stones, and selecting one with a column in the center that will play the role of the conduit that exits the final smoke from the combustion.

Fireplace with traditional foundations

style outdoor fireplaces

A classic fireplace but with a very elegant touch we are in this photograph. Both columns set on the sides of the fireplace are reminiscent of the Classicism season. In this photograph, these 2 ornamental elements are what give the fireplace class.

For the corner of our garden

corner garden fireplaces

We have the possibility to put our fireplace in a corner of our garden. This initiative is great if we do not have enough free space and we want to fill in the empty spaces in a compact way. We also have the possibility of selecting it with lights at the bottom that illuminate it at night.

With lights to be able to see at night

outdoor corner fireplaces

This is the result that we would see during the night of our fireplace. It is a concept of garden fireplaces that would give a new air to the atmosphere outside our home.

A fireplace on the veranda

fireplaces for veranda terraces

The fireplace can also be placed on the veranda, if it is much larger. In the photograph, the fireplace gives the impression that in front of us there is a house with a monolithic and solid composition, recalling the Hellenic sanctuaries due to its circular shape.

Fireplace for the terrace of our house

chimneys for terraces elongated shape

On the other hand, we managed to find outdoor fireplaces designed for the terrace. As a general rule, these fireplaces are much more practical, but we also managed to find attractive shapes among them, developed to gain space on our terrace.

Fireplace with compartments

outdoor fireplaces compartments

We will finish with the image of a large fireplace. This fireplace, divided into three compartments, allows us to have a space for wood. The way of the holes gives it the orthodox touch of the churches.


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