Garden enclosures and spaces full of privacy and style.

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Garden enclosures and decoration are vital elements to have some privacy in these spaces. The enclosures in some of their variations will always and at all times bring an air of freshness to the environment. Primarily dealing with natural materials for the most part. To close the patio or the garden region, the examples of walls that we expose are great. Occupations such as easy reading, games with friends or the little ones will be protected from intrusive views. In the same way, enclosures gardens with walls and well cared for will be very difficult to be damaged by a pet.

Garden enclosures with modern data

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The chosen enclosure must be in the middle of a harmony with our patio. Its design and even more so the material must transmit a certain naturalness throughout the space. Today we are going to comment on some of these materials that have the possibility of being a tool in these situations. Among the positive points is the simplicity with which they have the possibility of being found. When it comes to enclosures, a very common one is bamboo. An incredible solution based on its durability and the image it gives to the patio. It can be said that it belongs to the most affordable and practical variations that there are today.

Garden enclosures with metal composition

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The accent of color is also an attractive aspect for our decoration. Its manipulation is also done in a simple way thanks to its elasticity. One of its variations may be the one that opts for the use not of whole straws but rather divided in half. It is also ideal for garden enclosures and other areas that we want to hide from the sight of onlookers. Certain imitations based on other materials have PVC inside. There are cylinder-shaped models that simulate bamboo in terms of their shapes. The main virtue being applied in enclosures is its resistance.

Very elegant with accent in white

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Especially with regard to the probable effects of the passage of time. In the same way of others of an atmospheric nature such as rains or areas where snowfall occurs. Its care is simple and it is cleaned in a simple way and we will not run the risk of rotting after time. Another of the remarkable materials for enclosures is natural wicker. Very durable and looking too very elegant and cool. It is an essential point when it comes to lighting.

Use of wood with a natural effect

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If they have a space for a dining room or outside living room it is not suggested. Primarily due to the fact that it reduces visual amplitude, as would happen in a balcony that is not quite extensive. A delicious variation as you will see in several images is the rocks. With them, true artistic wonders are created for the enclosure and isolation of the garden. It is a method full of uniqueness. You have to dedicate a greater proportion of time but the result is worth it. Have fun with these probable variations with captivating models.

Enclosure with plants and fencing

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Light wood partition

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For primordial entrance

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Attractive space with wood and mulch

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Model with wooden slats

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Lower height variation

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Enclosure to 2 stages

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Combination of rocks and metals

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Variation with horizontal slats

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Modern design ideas

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Low blank fencing

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Classic wooden pattern

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Natural looking garden

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Wood Ribbons

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Design with LED luminaires

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Low enclosure, classic model

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