Garden design ideas for small spaces.

garden design ideas geometric lines

The garden design ideas for its creation and everything related always and at all times was of enormous interest. More than anything today we will deal with small gardens. The truth is that space restrictions are not an obstacle in the least to be able to pleasant environments.

Garden design ideas full of color

garden design ideas colorful flowers throw pillows

Garden design ideas to create them and other data is our initiative today. Undoubtedly we have the possibility of enjoying a small and usable garden in our patio. For its creation we are going to share certain notices that do not sacrifice in the least the beauty of our areas.

Garden design ideas for entrances

garden design ideas main entrance geometric

As regards design options, if we equate it with one of larger dimensions, they are minimal. We will be able to integrate attributes such as fountains and certain bushes without forgetting precisely the flowers. We should focus more than anything on an attractive design that highlights the data in the corner.

Wall with wooden slats

garden design ideas pots natural plants

Among the basic elements are the flowerbeds that always and at all times have to have an impressive design. By established rule we have the possibility of observing them in various places with rectangular or even square shapes. Given the space conditions, it is far superior to opt for a design that recreates curved lines.

Climbing plants on walls

garden design ideas modern climbing planters

The beds with these designs create curved lines that increase the activity of the garden. They are going to be really useful to make an effect of greater spatial depth. Likewise, the selection that we make of the edges will be essential in the aesthetic aspect.

Treated wood planters

garden design ideas interior walls flowers

There are dissimilar ways and materials to carry it out. Garden design uplifting ideas and more often go for brick. In the same way, rock can be used to make a natural effect in our patio. The two have the possibility of joining a paved region and making a beautiful path.

Distinguished sculptural elements

garden design ideas walls wood white

Truly a key is in an acceptable planning so that the garden, despite being small, is pleasant and also intimate. Although we do not have the possibility to ignore that they are a real challenge. Its dimensions determine that each aspect can be appreciated quickly.

Space with modern furniture

garden design ideas plants vases

In general, it will be practically unfeasible for failures and other deficiencies in the yard not to be appreciated. Before dedicating ourselves to data such as the planters that we mentioned, we must meditate on the distribution of the different spaces.

Gravel road design

garden design ideas natural rocks flowers

We have the possibility of making a structured list of the different elements that we will need. Introducing the plants that we want to integrate just like other decorative constructions. We must be careful with the incorporation of trees that are quite huge.

Rocks and potted plants

garden design ideas small floors elements lighting fixtures

Depending on the size of the patio, they have the possibility of making a lot of shade. In the same way they have the possibility of being quite close to each other and damaging the harmony of the garden. In extreme cases, the roads may not yet be integrated. We will mainly opt for those that are fundamental.

Wall with slats and climbing plants

seats cushions umbrellas furniture climbing

As we mentioned previously, curved lines must be predominant. In the same way with the paths the sensation of depth increases as they are interspersed with the plants. Another attractive visual effect can be achieved with our small garden design.

Using small patio space

concepts gravel solutions styles walls

It is recommended that it be of a greater width in the region much closer to the house. Getting much tighter in the final part accentuating the vision. In several images, horizontal lines are seen primarily in narrow courtyards.

Delimitation of square planters

main entrances ideas trees white

A capable method of making them display much wider than they are anyway. Certain lands have the possibility of being attentive to what we will have to take measures in their design. By established rule there is the possibility of making terraces that will help to maintain the safety of the ground.

Combined with wooden pergola

flowers wood floors gravel umbrellas

In certain cases they have the possibility of existing other panoramas close to our garden. In general, the garden can be molded to these spaces and achieve an effect of continuity. Trying to make an interesting vision effect. Plants as a primary complement deserve a specific space.

Modern area with waterfall

fountain water ponds courtyards waterfall

It is advised that the species selected are precious for at least 2 seasons. The biggest draw in a small garden is going to be in the foliage. While the flowers are beautiful and attractive, they will not look good all year long. With other species you can make an impressive effect.

Ornamental metal elements

images spaces colors wood metals

More than anything mixing plants with different sizes, that gives a certain rhythm to the patio. Stability in the small garden should never be lost sight of. You do not have to overcharge with what you should not use countless plants.

Indoor garden with fountain and path

interiors gardens proposals soils fountain

It will not be necessary to integrate huge trees that require auxiliary care. Much rather low in height and if viable deciduous. In this way they will not become an obstacle to the entry of the sun. They do not have the possibility of missing certain flavored species to complete the range of pleasant smells.

Natural wood planters

planters natural woods styles iron

In garden design ideas regarding color are based on 2 basic colors. The color gamut must be essentially easy. Based mostly on soft colors, the plants with much more intense colors near the entrance to the garden.

Small segments with bushes

tables gardens frequent solutions cushions

The depth effect that we have the possibility to do in the patio can also be highlighted with the plants. Certain with blue or violet tones can be placed in distant locations. They will assist in highlighting this effect of depth that we mentioned.

Small garden with wooden interface

natural styles concepts wood tables

The interest is greater when plants of different sizes alternate. Trying to find remove the monotonous symmetrical effects. Certain constructions such as walls or walls have the possibility of exploiting for certain species.

Plant-based lighting

proposals effective lighting furniture lines

More than anything, climbing plants are an incredible alternative. We must be cautious only with the dimensions that they manage to achieve. In certain cases there is a danger that other plants in the yard will be stolen from the importance.

Modern mulched design

rocks interesting floors furniture armchairs

In the same way, you have the possibility of using flower pots or other supports. Disused furniture such as chairs have the ability to add a different lure. In the same way, you have the possibility of using the walls to hang certain pots. It is a method capable of exploiting space as well.

Various color accents

yellow floors styles light colors lines

An effective concept may be the one in the image below. With a vertical garden that occupies the space of a wall on the side. We have the possibility of integrating various species and it will not affect the dimensions of the garden. The chosen furniture will guarantee comfort.

Vertical small garden design


As we have the possibility to see in the image above, the selection must be made of durable materials. It is essential that they are in harmony with the design of the garden and that in addition to this they are functional. Well chosen furniture is going to be a different accent in any small garden.

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