Garden decoration trends 2017


Are you conditioning your yard to be able to enjoy it to the limit over the next few months? Since we advise you to be very attentive to what we are telling you today, especially if you want the outdoor space of your home to be on trend. And it happens that today we are going to tell you what are the main trends in garden decoration for 2017.

As you are going to see, certain trends that will triumph this year are repeated, so it will not be necessary for you to change each and every one of the elements of your garden. Of course, it is quite a good initiative that you introduce certain news so that the space seems absolutely new. The best thing is that today there are many companies that offer economic proposals and the trend: Conforama, Leroy Merlin, Carrefour … Without further ado, we leave you now with the trends in garden decoration for 2017. Will you join us?

Continuity between interior and exterior

The first thing we want to comment on is that this season it is inclination to do a Connection between the interior and the garden. What do we want to say by this? Since there will be a continuity between the two areas, something that you will be able to find using exactly the same type of flooring, exactly the same colors, furniture of the same style or material … Obviously, you will have to try to hold the doors that Give to the outside and the curtains open.

The trend styles

Although modern and minimalist style gardens continue to be topical, the truth is that this year outdoor air spaces are gaining importance rustic, yes, entering elements something much more modern. If you opt for this alternative, do not hesitate to bet on natural materials and to combine the new elements with the much more common ones. On the other hand, you should know that, more than anything in huge gardens, it is a trend to create Zen spaces in which to relax. In our product «Zen Garden, your meditation corner at home» you will find the keys to achieve it.

Materials and colors main characters

Knowing that the rustic style is going to be among the huge main characters when it comes to garden decoration, it is not surprising that natural materials are gaining recognition. More than anything we talk about stone, wood and natural fibers. Of course, you should know that woods and synthetic fibers, which are very simple to hold, are also a great option. On the other hand, you have to know that aluminum furniture is also going to be very present. With regard to colors, natural ones such as white, copper, beige and green prevail, although it is a good initiative that you introduce brush strokes in much more tones happy through textiles, ornamental elements and flowers.


Nature elements

It is also essential that you keep in mind that this year it is transported, and quite a lot, to enter elements of nature in the garden. In this way, apart from the usual lawn, you will not have to be afraid to enter stones, boulders, fountains and all kinds of plants.

Sustainable decoration

As you already know, sustainable decoration is little by little more in trend, so it is not surprising that we also find it in gardens. Specifically, this year it will continue to be an inclination to enter furniture completed with materials into the outdoor space. ecological and parts built from recycling. As you may have imagined, the furniture made with pallets continues to be current. In addition to this, you have to know that these elements also have the possibility of being useful for decorating walls.



As far as plants are concerned, they are carried from dwarf shrubs, to flowers that manage to offer color to outer space, apart from the conifers that change color and resistant species and simple care. On the other hand, you should know that vertical gardens are also in trend, especially in small outdoor spaces.

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