Garden at home – the necessary steps to create them

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A garden at home belongs to the much more entertaining resolutions that there are for our garden. Depending on the dimensions and constructions, it may or may not be complex. However in general lines it is a simple task. In order not to transform into a headache when carrying out a garden at home, we must begin by determining what we want to carry out. Get the steps together really well and start with the whole assembly. Apart from the change that the landscape experiences, it will be a source of healthy food. The dimensions are not an inconvenience and also absolute.

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With a small patio great outcomes are achieved. Here again vertical variations and also gardens became very popular. According to certain data, in one square meter it is possible to harvest up to twenty kilos of food every year. Which reveals that small spaces are just as useful for a home garden. Our holding it is a healthy way to spend certain hours outdoors. The plants to grow, the materials and other data are certain questions that we will observe in today’s article.

Garden at home starting entrepreneurship

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The selection of the space is the initial step and a specific aspect for the success of our garden. A space that receives direct light is good. Although in practice the garden will be able to be made anywhere. Terraces, balconies or a small corner of the patio are enough to grow multiple vegetables. What we must ensure is that the space has acceptable lighting.

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As we understand it is exactly the sunlight that leaves a convenient advance of the plants. In combination with other causes such as irrigation. A region of the patio that has multiple hours of direct sunlight is going to be fabulous. You have to see the patio really well because in each and every home is different. Other elements such as huge trees or creations have the possibility of making shaded areas.

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If it is not feasible, we will have to mold our garden at home to the space that is available. According to the seasons, we will have a great difference when it comes to the availability of light. This directly influences the crop genre. Throughout the winter in contrast to spring and summer it is common for less light to be received.

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However, in those spaces that contain a good incidence of sunlight, they will be able to be exploited for seasonal crops. The entire decision of the vegetables will depend on these conditions. There are crops such as the situation of aubergines that need a lot of this resource. The same is true of others of enormous popularity such as peppers or tomatoes. On the other hand, for a home garden in a region with low incidence of sun, strawberries, onions or lettuce are recommended.

Vegetable garden at home the relevance of the substrate

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For those who have the privilege of having a patio in their home, assigning a region to this undertaking is simple. Delimiting it and starting to make the land with fertilizers will help the conditions that already exist to progress. Organic fertilizers are the best way to contribute to increased fertility. If otherwise we have a very deteriorated soil or we talk about an apartment there are different containers to grow.

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In these containers for cultivation is where you have to make the substrate. Offering with the convenient planting container is an easy task. The selection should be based more than anything on the type of packaging that allows the use of the highest proportion of substrate. Of course, the space that you have to dedicate to the garden at home must also be taken into account. The plurality of containers is very diverse in terms of materials and sizes.

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The main variations to take into consideration when acquiring them is the type of cultivation and the space as we have mentioned. In this set, the cultivation tables have a favored space. Their variety in terms of dimensions make them very versatile. In height or width always and at all times we will find the right one for the free space. On the other hand, the situation for cultivation is very comfortable.

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Not all of us have the possibility of being inclined or reclined for a long time. As we can see in several of the examples in the images, the planters are another good initiative. Wood especially blends in perfectly in common patios. Its effect conforms to the aesthetics of the landscape with enormous fluidity. The characteristics of this material do not allow the substrate to be affected in conditions of radical heat or the cold of winter. For balconies, terraces and any small space, textile containers are very easy to mold. On a wall or even using a pallet as a support or any other composition.

Chosen the perfect substrate for our home garden

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There are no concerns that the best decision in these situations is that of the organic substrate. The most prominent ones are the much faster since they have the possibility of being handled with simplicity. For terraces it is very positive as it prevents overloading them excessively. If we talk about a small garden on the balcony it will be positive in the same way. Porosity is another essential thing, it is dependent on air circulation.

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An essential aspect for the development of plants. Water retention is another of the important components due to the fact that it is the reserve that the plant will have. Being in the substrate always and at all times the plant will be predisposed. A quality substrate must also sustain absolute nutrient retention. Various organic substrates that were composted are a source of compost and nutrients for vegetables. An attractive solution is coconut fiber as a substrate.

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Uniquely for its lightness and ability to retain water. However, it must be taken into consideration that it does not contribute several nutrients in contrast to others. The best of the resolutions is based on the compositions. If we take as an example one that is capable of giving the conditions of the composition and another that has the effect of the fertilizer. Each and every one of the plant’s claims would be covered with all organic matter.

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If we take the preceding as an example, it could be using a mixture of 60% coconut fiber and 40% of some effective compost. When it is finished in our garden with and cultivation cycle, it is good to remove the substrate. It is very normal that with the passing of the years some compaction of the soils occurs.

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This measure works in the same way so that the porosity product is not affected. We will not have problems with the training of cracks either. Another compost mix is ​​going to be required for nutrients to be replenished. Irrigation product is very normal that they are lost and reduce the quality of the soil. Exactly this is the next stage in the planning of any garden in the home, the irrigation system.

Options in irrigation systems for orchards

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Irrigation needs more attention if containers are used. These have a greater inclination to the loss of water. Which naturally causes them to run out more easily. In contrast to the ground which is with the ability to accumulate greater proportion of water. Nor is it healthy to go overboard when it comes to how much watering your vegetables need.

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If it is done too much, nutrients are lost and the affectation of the plant can lead to cases of fungi. The healthiest thing is to sustain an incessant humidity that will be adjusted according to the season and the type of crop. This belongs to the tasks that will ensure a resounding success in each and every harvest. Manual watering is advisable in the case of small gardens.

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The showers if you have containers is all that we require. Water the vegetables gradually so that no cracks form in the substrate. In the case of a much larger and sunny garden, an irrigation system will be necessary. One by drip and with a programmer is very positive and has enormous virtues. One of them is that the flow of water used for irrigation and continuity is controlled.

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On the other hand, this resource is not wasted and the substrate receives the water it needs. For a medium garden in our yard, getting a kit is going to be enough. The irrigation creator is another system that holds the substrate with the precise humidity. A deposit is responsible for carrying it out and is positioned at the bottom. If we talk about growing vegetables that do not require continuous irrigation, it leaves very excellent results.

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In order for the irrigation to be effective, the effect of the substrate is paramount in the group with its quality. Under these conditions the water is better distributed in a horizontal direction. With an improper substrate composition, the water will leak and will be lost in the lower part of the substrate just before it is absorbed. With all the above ready, it is the moment to choose the plants of our priority.

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To develop them there are 2 options, seedlings or seeds. At first, if we do not have much experience in crops, the highlight will be the seedlings. They are proposed in several places due to the heyday of organic crops in homes. As an option, the tasks of our garden will be much easier. More than anything because of the fact that we skip certain stages of the plants.

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