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Today we have some ideas for gabion walls for the garden for you. We begin with the answer to the question What is a gabion and how to use it in landscape design? The term «gabions» comes from a Latin word that means «woven basket.»

Gabion walls and their use in updated architecture

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Gabions are modules with a square shape and have the possibility of having different sizes. These modules are filled with river stones or stones from the forest.

Ornamental gabion walls for the garden

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The baskets are lined with a grating net. Barriers are placed between the constructions for greater safety to prevent high stretching and deformation of the wall or the gabion wall.

Gabion pots of different sizes to decorate the garden

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From benches to walls with a mixture of rocks, moss and lights, it is evident that this purely serviceable landscape feature took a creative turn and a plurality of new uses in the garden.

A much more large pot concept gives gabions

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As we discussed now, gabions are boxes full of stones but they also have the possibility of being filled with other materials, usually mud and it is frequently used as retaining walls or exterior walls.

A combination of gabion columns and vertical gardens in the garden

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The cages are made with much more continuity of stainless steel mesh, galvanized or with cable cladding and are shaped like a rectangle. Due to the weight of a gabion, the force of friction, and the ability to conform to the contours of the earth, it does not need a foundation.

Rocky garden and house with gabion wall

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Gabions are thought a feature of the productive landscape. Steel cages don’t cost quite a bit and padding is where expenses have a chance to change to a great extent.

Gabion retaining wall ideas

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If recycled concrete is used, the cost can be really cheap. If, for example, ornamental glass bottles are used, the value would be considerably higher.

House with pool and gabion retaining walls

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The use of gabion walls is efficient, modern and is an environmentally friendly solution to avoid erosion and is used primarily for the stabilization and reinforcement of slopes, landslides, rivers, coasts, roads, highways, etc.

Authentic ideas to decorate the garden with the support of gabions

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These walls are very durable and resistant to the pressure of the earth, in addition to this they are simple to arrange, they do not require practically any care, which makes them a perfect solution for retaining walls.

Gabion Fence Ideas

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A gabion wall has many virtues – it provides reliable protection against thunder and privacy, can be used to shield you from the wind, and is attractive in design. But low value, durability and occupancy are the primary virtues of gabion walls.

House with gabion walls

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A gabion wall can be built as a DIY project, the same works for retaining walls in the garden and is a good start for people who are not very skilled at building concrete walls or people who do not feel skilled enough to use bricks or blocks for the construction of a retaining wall.

Walls to mark the boundaries of the gabion garden

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On the other hand, the materials are simple to transport which means less time and less need for labor to create the gabion walls and therefore less money spent.

Incredibly strong walls

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These stone-filled metal fences are often used as a separate wall, fence, or retaining wall. Durability is a fundamental virtue compared to other types of walls. In addition to this, they do not have the possibility of moving or dragging easily on a sloping or wearing lot.

Gabion wall will be the special look for any rock garden

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The strong base and elasticity of the wire baskets leave little movement when the underbody is shedding but it has nothing to do with anything remarkable.

A house with a small garden with a lawn bounded by low gabion walls

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Respect for the environment and the ability to combine with other materials are another virtue. Gabions can be combined with wood, metal, concrete or some other garden wall material.

House with gabion exterior walls

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Gabions have incredible drainage ability. The spaces between the rocks will have the possibility to fill with vegetation and sediments, which will strengthen the wall of gabions.

House with wooden terrace and gabion walls

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In addition to this, the gaps between the rocks allow the water to move through the composition, which helps to keep the groundwater level partially low.

A wall that has the earth inside made of gabions

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When we talk about this type of wall, we must also name the disadvantages. The most essential that you have the possibility to consider is your image.

Ideas of walls and plants that to decorate the garden

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There are people who are not attracted to the aesthetic appeal of these stone walls since they have the possibility of being really minimalist. Obviously, it is a matter of personal taste and the general initiative for the exterior design of the garden that each of them has in mind.

Extensive modern garden with multiple seating spaces

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Another thing that we cannot forget is that if you live in a space where there is running water, it can damage the walls and after time, the wire baskets have the possibility of rusting, which means that they will disintegrate.

House with a garden protected from unwanted glances thanks to gabion fences

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In these images, apart from seeing retaining walls or exterior gabion walls, we also expose options to use this kind of material in the design of the garden.

Very original combination of stone and brick gabions

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There are several ways to use gabions in your garden landscape design. You can use gabions to make fountains, fences, benches, flower pots, ponds, waterfalls, as well as many other things that have the possibility to amaze and recreate the eye.

A combination of gabions and wooden frames for the garden fence

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Gabion constructions can be created with a height of multiple meters and organically complement the landscape. You have the possibility to fill them with stones, gravel, rocks or other free materials on the job site and that best suit the design of your garden.

Small garden with towering gabion wall

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This type of wall can be used successfully as privacy fences, which is essential in densely populated areas. You can use them as a fence that protects them from unwanted glances or as a fence that marks the boundaries of your property.

Gabion wall with chimney in the middle


The image of a gabion wall can be easily softened with green plants, trees and shrubs. In this way, you will be able to enjoy an efficient fence, always complying with the environment at all times.

Combination of concrete fence and protruding walls

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A gabion wall can easily become part of your garden decoration. A flower bed can be used as edging or also as a factor a part of your water source and even as an outdoor fireplace.

Wooden stairs and gabion wall in the garden

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When you have decided to opt for a gabion wall, the logical question is what material to fill it in. Since you have the possibility of using different types of stones and rocks and even combining them, we recommend that you opt for this type of filler.

Whole house of gabions

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In addition to this, rocks and stones are the fillers much more typical of gabions and meet the criteria of durability and safety.

Attractive options to mark the limits of your resting space

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At this time we let you review this gallery of images again in which you will find many creative ideas for gabion walls used for landscape and garden designs.

House with original architecture

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Garden developed by Studio H Landscape Architecture

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House developed by Aboda Design Group

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House developed by Imbue Design

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