Fresh designed patio full of greenery and functionality

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The fresh and green patio design that we will see today is an extraordinary creation by Scot Eckley. The request made to this Scottish landscaper in such a case was very unique. Simply a magical patio design and organization. A garden that was simple to clean and the highlight that was in this way throughout the year.

Usable patio design with dining space

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This attractive creation has many interesting points. One is the wooden deck that blends seamlessly with the concrete tombstones. In the latter case with a very unique black accent. Everything mentioned is combined with the stainless steel data, an ingredient that gives it a modern touch. In the whole space in the same way you can green something that identifies the design patio and all the decoration.

Patio seating region design with sofa and fireplace


This aspect is the perceptible geometric shapes in various elements, one is the planters. In it they have the possibility of seeing the circular shapes apart from the mentioned rectangular ones. Each and every one of these group ways serves as a unifying factor. Something that makes this design very interesting is its occupation. In the patio there is an extraordinary cooking region where you can also see the stainless steel.

View of the terrace with small divider cabinet and flower pots

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In this way the tiles that we mentioned with what is composed an incredible space for parties. Otherwise it is ideal for simply spending time outdoors with friends and family. There is another attractive aspect when it comes to polished black concrete pictures. The color black has a property and it is that of catching heat. This benefit is exploited by the owner for healing purposes.

Entrance to the garden region with rock steps

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Especially with the aim of calming osteoarthritis. This creative design patio will always and at all times be green. More than anything by the use of evergreen species that cover the entire patio area. Eminently the use of species such as bamboo leaves greater privacy. With these plants, in the same way, a kind of screen was created that covers the dining room region. The part of the interface built in cedar has been customized in a very elegant way.

Light gravel cover on the ground in different areas

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Here the herbs form a kind of barrier that intercedes the vision. More than anything from the angle of the primordial door towards the barbecue region. Throughout the design, the use of metallic accents is equally attractive. It can be set up in the same way using the metal trays under the planters.

Attractive ornamental look, sphere hanging on branch

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Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they are a factor used to protect wooden sideboards. Especially when water can overflow during irrigation. Other data refer us to a Zen aesthetic with the use of gravel. As is the situation of the region to be in front of the ladder. For the cushions and other accessories, an incredible storage space has been developed behind the door on the edge of the terrace.

Geometric shapes in data, photos by John Granen

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Here they have the possibility of being stored in addition to this different accessories for the garden. In the garden door there is also another attractive aspect of the patio design or decoration. It is an attractive model developed from cylinder parts. They were then prepared in a square frame. Then they were welded together to provide them with this final finish. In the same way, the security initiative was taken into account since it allows visual control of who is on the other side. In this way it is a way of accepting more light to this part of the garden.

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