Freestanding bathtubs… For large bathrooms

Every time I see in any store freestanding bathtubs they make me want to buy one, and it happens that they give a very elegant and complex touch to the bathroom … The downside is that like most of it, if I put a bathtub without dependency, I wouldn’t even be able to open the bathroom door.

But to be totally honest, the graceful ones who have a extensive bathroom with aptitude for a bathtub without dependencyFew are those who take this alternative, it seems that shower trays and massage cabins with water have won a lot, although observing these beauties of bathtubs that we bring you today, you may change your mind.

Well, a shower tray or a cabin are practical, but they are not as comfortable as one of these bathtubs can be where you can lie down with excitement and offer yourself a placid bath, that is not to talk about the ornamental and particular touch that they give to the bathroom. Let’s see them.

Victoria bathtub.

freestanding bathtub

An important bathtub for your bathroom if you want to spend genuine moments of relaxation. It is a bathtub without dependency on reinforced acrylic that is nothing more and nothing less than fiberglass and reinforced resin.

It has a volume of water of 269 liters, weighs 48 kilograms and has splendid measurements to achieve comfortable lying down; 180cm long x 82cm wide x 62cm high.

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Bathtub without dependency Marmara.

marmara freestanding bathtub

A beautifully designed bathtub with a coconut look. Minimalist, avant-garde, with refined lines, in immaculate white. A bathtub of the most up-to-date reality.

It is made of fiberglass and resin reinforced with non-slip materials. The thickness of the walls is 9cm, it has a capacity of 206 liters and very detached measurements of 185cm long x 91cm wide x 59cm long.
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Bathtub without dependency Lugano.

retro bathtub lugano1

Perhaps this is the one with the much more rustic design of the three thanks to the wooden support, but the relaxation and an added plus of decoration to your bathroom are assured.

Made of fiberglass with reinforced resin, it has a wall thickness of 3.5cm. With non-slip materials, a capacity of 207 liters and measures 170cm long x 75cm wide x 61cm high.

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