Freestanding bathtubs are in fashion

Traditional or modern, freestanding bathtubs they regain their splendor in modern bathrooms. If space allows it, placing the bathtub in the center of the room is a luxury within reach. In addition to this, New Materials, enamels and finishes let you customize it to match the rest of the toilets. We made a selection of freestanding bathtubs of different styles, each and every one of them by Sanycces, whose sanitary ware (sinks, screens, massage bathtubs with water, showers and bathroom furniture) are characterized not only by their quality, but rather by their seal 100% Made in Spain, models that in Decoratrix always and at all times we empower.

Victorian style

Inspired by the Victorian style, the Victoria bathtub it can be installed in the middle of the room as a primary part of the bathroom. Their legs They are a refined and updated version of the traditional «Lion’s claws», in 4 finishes: white, black, gold and silver. In addition to this, the Exterior can be lacquered with any color, in a satin finish, which contrasts with the brightness of the inner white.


Empire style

A revisited design of the empire style bathtubs is the Classic model, made in SolidSanycces ©, a composite material unique to the firm, that leaves an immensity of technical and aesthetic options. His touch is silky and warm, mineral facade. In addition to this, its index of Reflection of light creates a strong visual effect that makes the part the focal point of the décor.


Custom exteriors

Thanks to this material, incredibly solid and strong, that leaves chromatic and textured treatments, it is feasible to choose different finishes for the exterior. For example, the model Imperial has until 11 different finishes, certain as interesting as the images with aged textures imitating oxide or finishes metallized of enormous visual encounter.

Modern designs

For avant-garde spirits and fanatics of the design, in Sanycces you can also find a plurality of refined line designs, as the model Modern or Rust. Each and every one of the acrylic bathtubs and sinks leaves the coating Sanycoat, a satin finish, huge hardness and resistance moisture and cleaning patterns. In this way, the opportunity is given to use any color of the RAL or NCS charts to personalize the bathtub matching the rest of the toilets. No more monochrome bathrooms! The colour is here to stay.

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