Four types of home gardens

House with garden

Contact with nature, the search for those moments of connection with the natural environment, can be born from the privacy of your own home. The hobby of gardening that encourages those who feel that this activity contributes comfort and relaxation, is a sample case of idea that in addition to this has a prominent aesthetic and ornamental value. An outdoor garden that, to serve as an example, is visualized from inside the living room, creates an effect of continuity between this room of the house and this natural paradise that invites you to contemplate. The garden chosen for the home will also be aligned with the conditions of the home as well as with the personal situations of those who must estimate their free time to take care of this work. What are the different gardens what’s up?

Rose Garden

rose Garden

The rose is the decision frequently chosen to form a bouquet to decorate a vase or to amaze someone with this floral appearance that has a sensitive concept. A varied number of roses also form a special group in that garden that has the characteristic essence of a rose garden. The pink is it one of your favorite flowers? So, it can be the main character of this natural space that you enjoy in the recurring routine of your home.

Culinary garden


Decoration influences comfort given the link between a space and the comfort experienced by the main characters. Another of the much more essential practices in relation to health is nutrition. The time in the kitchen, the preparation of different recipes, the realization of the shopping basket there are going to be certain occupations that you are going to have over the next few months of this newly released new year.

In relation to this theme, you can also enjoy the experience of making your culinary garden. In this space you can have several of the elements that you use in your kitchen to cook different dishes, for example, the parsley. With the creation of a culinary garden you can dedicate yourself to cultivating and protecting certain elements that you use frequently throughout the cooking development.

Vertical garden

A natural region is not only prolonged during a plot extension that highlights the flowers and plants that make up this green region, but the initiative of the vertical gardens gets importance in homes. Among the virtues of this kind of initiative is that it allows a particular space for plants in small places that, otherwise, would not have the precise context for this. The vertical garden exploits the space measured in height to make this corner so particular.

Shade gardens


To select what to plant in a garden it is essential to detect what the specifications of the lot and its claims are. Sometimes, the peculiarity is generated that the garden is that it comes inside through a shady region. For this reason, whoever owns this lot must choose which propositions will thrive best in this space where sunlight peeks out with little continuity.

There are different types of garden and these are just certain multiple ideas that you can choose to enjoy gardening tasks from the creative criteria. You should study and examine the specifications of the site to take better advantage of it as each type of garden can also be linked to a framework of specific specifications. If you want to enlarge much more information on this topic you can ask the book Create a garden on your wall: Vertical gardens for decoration and other uses in which you will find many ideas to make the space of your dreams.

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