Fire decoration to design outdoor spaces

fire decoration outdoor functional outdoor dining rooms

Sometimes when we have fun in our outdoor spaces the nights have the possibility of being somewhat cold. The proposals that we reach you today are an incredible result to make warmth abroad. Fire decoration and distinction are points that complement each other in these fire pits.

Fire decoration for modern functional exteriors

decoration fire modern concepts nature gray

Attractive variations of creative design that would turn our patio. They are also ideas that will allow us to prolong the fun throughout the parties in our garden. Some of these models have the benefit of being smart phones.

Fire decoration in copper bowl with metal base

decoration fire copper rounded firewood

This will save us assembly time and can be much cheaper. It will simply be enough to choose the right place. Fire decoration and the effect of fire pits as a general rule must also appreciate the oxidizer.

Modern effect, color-toned design made of steel

decoration fire special effects warm

Always and at all times we will have as a first decision the firewood wells, popular for being much more common. Other designs range from bioethanol or propane. The truth is that beyond the oxidizer they will be an impressive appearance in any patio.

Small multifunctional design with grill area

decoration fire combination grill slats

As a source of heat they are quite practical but they have the possibility of having other uses. Depending on the model, they have the possibility of being used as a magnificent barbecue. More than anything precise at the time when you try parties that have the possibility of taking place around you.

Very elegant pendant design made of corten steel with chains

decoration fire hanging chains steel

In general, beyond the design, several data must be appreciated before placing one in the patio. The first account must be based on the opinion of the space. Decoration fire and others is also harmony.

Corten steel selection with storage space

fire decoration specials triangular pyramid

For populated areas it is a requirement to look at the proximity to other houses. Then a descriptive selection according to the peculiarities of our style will make them show in harmony with the patio. In the metallic situation there are dissimilar shapes for each style.

Attractive initiative for natural environments

decoration fire herbs outdoor living rooms

There are variations with cone shapes that are often completed by hand. Eminently using steel which allows dissimilar finishes. It is common to find models that reflect the metal in its natural state and others in colors.

Modern effect with firewood stored in a circular way

decoration fire lateral storage frequencies

Mainly strong tones such as orange or red. Other very luxurious alternatives have the possibility of having the texture and tone of copper. More than anything, the taller conical models are very interesting. Among the relevant authors in this regard is the Dutch Harrie Leenders.

Ideas for environments with rustic data

decoration fire wood concepts gravel

Mainly with varieties of pyramidal shape that make fire pits something very special. In all our garden decoration fire and metals complement each other in the middle of a harmony. A traditional sample case is the use of corten steel for these projects.

Low cut model with geometric shapes

decoration fire steel shapes modern plants

More than anything with the passing of the years the aspect of metal fury changing. The effect of the rain will also contribute to change even the tonality of these fire pits. The storage of firewood in the same way is an essential aspect.

Multifunctional option in reclaimed bowl with high rims

decoration fire outdoor armchairs firewood

Certain have the possibility of having it incorporated as we observe in several images. More than anything at the bottom which makes it even much more practical. The addition of wheels can also be a huge plus point. This will naturally make it easier for us to move them.

Steel for base and all design, classic variation of firewood

steel special locations terraces wood

Depending on the season, you will be able to freely choose the ideal place in our patio. In general, they are solid wheels so we should not be concerned about being exposed to the outside or high temperatures.

Updated Stainless Steel Initiative, Gas Performance

stainless steel gas shows appearance effects

Aluminum aside from steel is another uplifting variation. More than anything used with a greater thickness depending on the developer in the same way. Of the same steel the availability of colors is quite great.

Very elegant term with a low cylindrical base

spacious elements bowls natural structures

Our selection must be designed to make our garden a pleasant space. These variations of fire pits or the fixed ones have the possibility of being complemented with the furniture. Furniture is an essential section when it comes to outdoor fire decoration and patios.

Ornamental effects for edges

artistic concepts waves sea slats

Nor do we have the possibility to detract from the attractiveness of plants. A fire pit is also going to be a way to make our patio or garden a particular and unique area. More than anything with the effect of the plants you can get an image of certain exoticism.

Effective low-cut model with firewood inside

low steel casual chairs gravel

Which will look really good primarily throughout the evenings. Much more than determining a garden space, these elements complement the furniture in the same way. There are still spaces that could even show incomplete. This regardless of whether they are smart phones or the usual ones with rounded shapes.

From metal barrel recovered

barrel concepts space metals grass

When a space is defined for fire pits, security must be ensured. Naturally, being inserted in the garden, the plants have the possibility of being the first danger aspect. More than anything we must supervise those with elongated leaves or stems.

Incredible complement for the decoration of the patio

centers shelves furniture wall elements

This can be done in a capable way simply by understanding how to use the furniture properly. With armchairs or sofas for outdoor use, the special barrier can be made. Fire decoration and our design will not be affected when it comes to harmony.

Contrasting with colorful selection of furniture

colorful environments patios swatches figures

Our patio will be able to show a natural image and more than anything it will be safe. Regarding the metal variations being chosen for these areas, we will be able to easily redesign them. More than anything for the aspect of mobility and if elasticity in regard to placement.

Beautiful floral-inspired design

concept flora style nature materials

In addition to this, we must mention that there is greater control of fire. If the style of our patio leans towards the rustic they will be another incredible complement. Especially due to the development of oxidation that, as we mentioned, gives them a very particular image.

Designated for multiple uses in patios and gardens

contemporary special barbecue furniture rocks

The attractive thing about decoration issues is that they are tools even if they are not used. Various models have the ability to return as is and used for different purposes. One can be planting plants, which will be an ideal complement to the furniture located in the garden.

Small cabinet with storage at the base

decorated solid shelves furniture sampler

Fixed design options have their charms as well. More than anything the models made with grain stones. They have a finish that looks much more classic. What can be attractive depending on the aesthetics of the patio.

Metal center with ornamental effect edges

decorative shapes concepts bricks logs

In outdoor fire decoration and style, the ideal thing is elasticity. The assembly is another aspect that, depending on the forms, will not be radically difficult. Most of the curved shapes stand out, although in the same way the triangular ones are particular.

Adorned with different shapes around the edges

stars decorated floors legs lines

As a variation to these materials, the brick next to the concrete has the possibility of being another of the resolutions. If it is equated with the previous one, its primary strength is its resistance to high temperatures. Everything will depend on the patio in question and the way you want to contrast.

Initiative with three-piece metal support

traditional exteriors strong support solutions

The result, whether in metal or the usual creations, is guaranteed. The nights in the garden logically are not going to be exactly the same. Models from concrete can be created if we want.

Cover to ensure safety

fragments rocks special furniture wood

For this, it is necessary to choose a correct location. Exactly the same metal must be a safe location in the environment of our patio. Fire decor and design in these situations look best in areas that are much more open.

Edges decorated with geometric effects

gas ideas models styles bricks

The highlight is to build them at a safe distance from the house. Avoiding contact with low branches if there are nearby trees. It would not be negative to rule out the proximity of some water source. The first procedure is to demarcate the area.

Wooden cover, particularly to be used as a table

wood deck functional wood solutions

It will be necessary to put something to monitor the direction of the wind. In this way we will understand the direction in most cases and we will prevent the smoke from heading towards our home. This can change but at least we will have a stocking that will help us get rid of this annoyance.

Square shaped laptop made of steel

small wood systems shelves chairs

Campfires in their basic form are formed from a ring of concrete blocks or other material. Leaving in the center a bowl to which a grill can be added depending on the job. For other materials, the way of building them is similar.

Interesting variation that can be changed from corner to corner

metallic elegant living rooms solutions rocks

Without taking into account that something is going to be placed inside you. The best areas to install them are patios with stones or with bare ground. Stone floors have the possibility of being admitted in the same way.

Lotus with cut-out data on the sides

metal lotus-flower artistic example steel

We must avoid placing them directly on wooden decks or interfaces. Essentially on no material that is oxidizing. Naturally there are situations in which it is impossible for which the use of a barrier is suggested.

Figures of bears on the sides of the fire pit

furniture dancers bears font elements

We are talking about fireproof materials that have the possibility of accommodating at the base of fire pits. Fire decoration and the way they are located will be essential components to get the most out of them. The natural image will be able to hold in a better way.

Portable composition of multiple metal parts

notebooks space rocks furniture parts

In unison, the stability of the patio will be even greater. In relation to the usual models, metal bowls have many virtues. Fundamentally at the moment when the decoration of our patio is updated. We must not stop mentioning that they are options that will require care.

Adorned suitable for distinguished patios

notebooks elegant styles wood branches

The ashes and other elements resulting from the combustion have to be removed. The Wood can leave different remains that have the possibility of damaging these constructions. In this way, it will be necessary to take measures in periods such as winter if they are not in employment.

It displays practical and multifunctional corten steel

I practice system extilos colors furniture corten

Whether they are built from rocks or metal, cleanliness is a common point that we cannot pass for prominent. Summarizing fire and the use of metal is perhaps the option that can suggest the greatest variety.

Beautiful options with sculptural effect

interesting sculptural proposals metals lagoons

With regard to shapes and designs, we have the possibility to choose between the bowls that we discuss or larger plates. Apart from the modern remarkable shapes that have the possibility of being conical or pyramidal. The variety in terms of materials is also remarkable, with cast iron, steel and copper standing out.

Initiative for cold terrace in natural environments

rounded base concepts madra field

Primarily a major tool in terms of durability and operation. Since it will not be a problem if they are beaten with other elements of the patio. The occupation apart from its aesthetics is another aspect to highlight. Apart from an incredible source of heat, it will be feasible to cook throughout the holidays.

Effect to emulate plant leaves with fire

rocks special bases samples systems sheets

Their mobility ability makes them ideal for different outdoor occupations beyond the dimensions of our garden. This will depend on the specifications of the models and their dimensions.

Straight Edge Firewood Initiative

rustic steel patio concepts plants

In terms of security, they have the possibility of being also superior to the usual ones. This is complemented by the considerable sum of accessories with which they have the possibility of having habitually. The removable screens and grills can be highlighted as 2 very precise that improve their occupation.

Gorgeous look for rustic settings

metal bowl outdoor furniture rocks

Beyond the style when it comes to decoration fire and bonfires we must be cautious. Always and at all times, causes such as the oxidizer, its size and the general design must be appreciated. More than anything, size is an essential aspect due to the enormous variety.

Corten steel in harmony with nature

versions of fuel wood lagoon floors

It is essential to have these components in mind to obtain a fire pit that fits our expectations. The space has to be planned in detail. It is going to be a huge tool to make areas for fun in outdoor living rooms. In this way we are going to improve the space and we are going to take advantage of every corner of our garden.

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